In the end, Roblox has officially announced the availability of spatial voice chat on the 10th November 2021. The service is open to players who are over thirteen years and who have completed the verification of age.

In the beginning, it was created in the form of initially a Beta version way back in February 2021. Then, it was released in the month of November 2021 it was released to worldwide gamers. Participate in the voice chat in spatial space and play games while talking with your buddies.

However, many users do not be aware of Roblox How to Activar Chat of Voz In. Therefore, keep to read for more information.

What is Spatial Voice Chat in Roblox?

Spatial voice Char is the just added voice chat feature to Roblox. Roblox platform. It permits worldwide gamers to take part in voice chat in the chat room with spatial location. This feature is only available for those who are older than thirteen who have completed the verification of age on Roblox.

For players over the age of thirteen, they can sign up for the voice chat option through the game’s settings menu and turning on the feature. They can utilize the voice chat feature when playing with peers.

Roblox Como Activar El Chat de Voz En

As you’re conscious that Spatial Voice Chat is the new chat option on Roblox You might be looking for a way to enable or activate the feature so that you can enjoy chat. Unfortunately, activating the feature of voice chat on Roblox isn’t as simple as pressing the button. Instead, users must meet the requirements before they can enable the feature.

The players must go through the verification of age to verify that they’re over 13 years old and are eligible for the voice chat feature that is spatial. Here are the short and simple steps to Roblox Como Activar El Chat of Voz in.

  • Select the gear symbol in the upper left corner in the menu for game
  • Click on “Account Settings”
  • Tab in”Privacy Tab “Privacy Tab” of the game menu
  • Find an option “Spatial Voice” and toggle it on to turn on the feature.
  • If the toggle switches to green instead of gray, it means that the feature for voice chat is activated.

What is The Process for Age Verification?

The only way to activate the voice chat feature is to check your age to make sure you’re over the eligibility age of 13 years old. This is the primary part of Roblox How to Activate Chat of Voz in.

The process of age verification is essential to ensure that the youngsters safe and safe from socializing with teenagers and adults. This is why age verification is necessary and requires government-issued ID evidence to be able to verify your identity.

  • Go to Account settings
  • In”Birthday” in the “Birthday” section, you will be able to confirm your age
  • An QR-code will show which you need to scan and then complete the verification


is the reason why Roblox has drawn many users to Roblox. It is the function that has drawn many players to. It is also possible to participate in the chat feature on Roblox. All you need to do is follow some simple steps like the ones mentioned within the Roblox How to Activate El Chat de Voz In section. Therefore, you can enable the voice chat now and begin talking to your buddies and other gamers.