Robinhood error An active account already exists: Have you been redirected to our article while searching for a solution to an account problem? You might be in the right place if your ROBINHOOD trading account already exists on the trading platform. Our article will summarize the causes of this error and how to fix it.

The issue described above is common in the United States, ROBINHOOD is undergoing an inspection! Besides, users are angry about the paused purchase process and the recently issued statement. In our post you will learn the most important details about the case and the discontinued activity. Please read it to the end. Learn about the Safe Trade Binary Options.

Why am I getting “Robinhood error, active account already exists”?

Recently, the company ROBINHOOD is being investigated as the trading app announced the suspension of share buyback operations. It will take some time for the company to scroll through the purchasing process. Besides, the company found a solution by limiting the number of goods that users can buy.

Why is there a problem?

As the trading app has announced it will not take AMC and GameStop shares, users are in a panic. Users who have invested in the ROBINHOOD app worry about their money and personal information. They express their anger and dissatisfaction by writing negative reviews and lowering the overall star rating.

Taking into account the influence of negative reviews, the company limited the number of shares on the portal. You will learn more about “Robinhood Error Active account already exists” in the section below.


ROBINHOOD canceled the share buyback operation by reducing the amount of stocks. It prompts users to return to the platform and start trading stocks. However, they face an error stating that their account already exists on the platform. The error is flashing on the screen as it is checked and will take some time to run smoothly.

Google also looks through the comments section to see if the company is deleting user comments or not. The company is not authorized to delete reviews. If ROBINHOOD removes comments, the company may face legal action from both Google and its users.

Our closing thoughts:

An “active account with Robinhood error already exists” will be available in the stock trading app for a while. You need to understand that when a business or mobile app is checked, it faces technical problems. This happens with the ROBINHOOD application that has suspended the option to buy shares.

The company has already withstood user feedback in the comments section. It is filled with long and negative reviews that no one expected. Many users also file lawsuits against the app and the company. Share your experiences or views with us in the comments!