Have you heard about the latest decision concerning the abortion law? If not, we’ll inform you about the latest decision by the judge. However, people all over all across the United States are happy about the decision, particularly women.

Are you interested in knowing more the details about the Robert Pittman judge as well as what exactly he stated in the decision? We suggest reading this article to find out more in depth.

What are you? Robert Pittman?

Robert Lee Pitman, born in 1962, is now being a federal judge at District Court for the western district of Texas. He completed his undergraduate studies at Abilene Christian University, and his masters in 2011 at Oxford University. University of Oxford.

Pitman was the federal magistrate judge in his district of Western District of Texas from October 2 2003. The judge resigned his bench on October 2nd 2011. Barack Obama nominated Pitman and was appointed to the court in 2014 . He is currently is a judge as a judge here.

What’s the abortion law in Texas?

Robert Pittman Judge block the fetal heartbeat abortion law. Before we know the entire story let’s first check what the law says.

Despite the 1973 Supreme Court decision that defined the constitutional right to abortion and an Texas law banning abortions after 6 weeks into pregnancy came into effect in September 2021.

Texas legislators passed legislators in Texas approved the Texas Heartbeat Act at the end of May in 2021. The law prohibits abortions if there is heart activity. It’s usually at least six weeks into the pregnancy, or when a woman is aware that she’s carrying a baby.

While the Act was litigated in court, there was there was no hearing prior to September 2021. Now, Judge Robert Pittmanordered that the Act be suspended on 6 October the 6th of October, 2021.

The first Heartbeat Act thus allows court cases to be brought not just against abortion providers, but also against abortion funding companies as well as employers that provide abortions. Furthermore, anyone who is in violation of the Act is responsible for at least $10,000 per abortion as well as attorney’s costs.

This makes it the most strict regarding access to abortion. Other states, including Georgia and Mississippi have passed “heartbeat” laws that prohibit abortions once cardiac activity has been found. But, the legislation was halted due to legal challenges and is still to be implemented.

What have you heard? Robert Pittman Judge said?

Judge Pitman to dismiss the Justice Department’s appeal against the state’s ban on abortion. Judge Pitman said “Women are being unfairly prevented from exercising their control in ways which are protected by the constitution since the introduction of S.B. 8.”

He added that the restriction has already brought “irreparable harm” to those seeking abortions, and will continue to cause irreparable harm. So, on the 6th of October 2021, a federal judge Pitman temporarily lifted the most restricting abortion laws in the United States.


The battle to stop the ban, of course, is not finished but it is not over. It’s just a first and positive move in the area where women’s rights are being fought. In an announcement, Robert Pittman Judge stated, “We will continue to protect constitutional liberties from those who seek to undermine their rights.”