If you come to Malta for vacation or business, the best way to travel to Malta is to hire a vehicle. Easy and affordable, car rental is the simplest solution to make a full trip to the island. You will plan your day with a peaceful mind avoiding train or bus schedules.

We only recommend not moving to the central area around 5 pm unless you have a specific need as traffic jams are common. Otherwise, you are free to go anywhere you want, whenever you want. 

So don’t miss the chance for a road trip in Malta and pre-book your vehicle with addCar. Read our article, and learn everything you need to know about car rental on the island.

Plan Ahead and Get Ready

You probably know it already, but Malta is a small and very touristic island. So, if you decide to take a car rental in Malta, you should book it in advance and especially during the high season. 

You are not the only one who wants to enjoy the freedom of driving in Malta. Just remember that the best deals always go first, so take the lead by reserving your vehicle when you know your arrival dates.

Image Credit: Unsplash by John Schnobrich

Plus, for more convenience, you will find our addCar office at Malta International Airport. If you still need help with your trip, you can check our requirements for car hire in Malta on our website.

Discover a Unique Island

The closeness to the sea is among the best aspects of visiting Malta. You can always find the ideal beach within a 30-minute drive, regardless of where you are on the island. 

Visitors should travel to the Island of Gozo, which is renowned for its picturesque rural terrain, for a more dreamy beach holiday. Long lengths of exquisite sandy beaches span the coastline; they are hidden among farms and sheltered in peaceful coves.

Despite the crowds of visitors, the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino is a well-known location that is well seen.

Image Credit: Unsplash by Mike Nahlii

Every kind of tourist may find a beach to suit their tastes in the Maltese islands. 

Check out our selection of Malta’s top beaches if you’re looking for fun for the whole family or a party beach atmosphere.

  • Golden Bay Beach
  • Ir-Ramla il-Hamra
  • Ghajn Tuffieha Bay
  • Mellieha Bay
  • Gnejna Bay

Enjoy Malta’s culture

Another aspect of the Maltese lifestyle is the Arabic and Italian influences that have molded the island’s modern identity. 

This may be observed in Valletta’s architecture, with its multiple forts and castles that make Malta unique. Here are our suggestions of historical places that you don’t want to miss:

  • Fort St Angelo
  • Castello Dei Baroni
  • Selmun Palace
  • Tal Virtu Castle

Our last advice; take your time while exploring the city and stop at a café to try local dishes like Pastizzi, a savory cheese, or pea cakes.