Are you a fan of the 105.7 FM Radio Station. The station can be heard in Greater St. Louis, Illinois, United States. People began asking about The Rizzuto show, its morning program.

We know the reason. Jeff Burton, the cohost of the Rizzuto Radio Show, passed away from Cancer on Monday, 15th August 2022. Burton’s co-host, Jeff Burton, died from cancer on Monday, 15 August 2022. His friends, family, fans, and colleagues were devastated. Continue reading to find out more about the Rizzuto Cancer news.

Jeff Burton’s Demise:

Jeff Burton, well-known radio personality at 105.7 The Point, has died after courageously fighting cancer for over a decade. The station shared the news through their social media accounts.

Jeff Burton was first diagnosed with cancer in February 2021. But he continued to host The Rizzuto Show until July 2022. He received additional treatment and went through chemotherapy.

Burton’s spouse updated him mid-July saying that his cancer had spread to his body and that there was no way for him to be treated. Jeff Burton Rizzuto – Show Cancer News went viral and people couldn’t help but share details about Burton.

105.7 The Point is a commercial FM radio station licensed for broadcasting in Greater St. Louis. It broadcasts mostly alternative rock programming and occasionally active rock elements.

It also launched its morning program, “The Rizzuto Show”, in 2014. The show has won numerous awards. The host Scott Rizzuto, Moon Valjean, Tony Patrico (member of CBC Hall of Fame), King Scott as well as Jeff Burton are some of the personalities featured on the show.

Jeff Burton Rizzuto Show Cancer:

Jeff Burton was first diagnosed with prostate carcinoma in March 2021. After six rounds of chemotherapy, he hoped to be fully recovered. He decided to use his entire head of hair for a charitable cause after he had lost it all.

Burton loved to do things for his favourite charity, Kids Rock Cancer. Burton would wear a hat each week to promote local businesses that donate to Kids Rock Cancer. He founded the “Man of Many Hats”, a campaign that raised more $35,000 for the program.

Fan’s reactions:

The fans were heartbroken and shocked to hear of the passing of Rizzuto Show cancer victim Jeff Burton. Jeff was a radio personality since the mid-1980s. He has a large following due to his easygoing personality and loveable nature.

People shared how Jeff’s morning show made their day and how it inspired future radio broadcasters. Jeff loved funny stories and gave great interviews. His admirers wrote about how much they would miss his enthusiasm, his unique personality.

The 105.7 The Point team shared the sentiments of Jeff’s generosity, kindness and humour with everyone else.

Final Words

This was all about the Rizzuto news. Jeff Burton’s entire family deserves our prayers and thoughts. May they find strength and courage during these difficult times.