Have you heard anything about Riley Whitelaw’s murder? Her co-worker stabbed and killed the 17-year old teenager. Many people in the United States are already following this news story. Joshua Johnson is being accused of the murder. Joshua Johnson was 28 years old when he killed Riley for refusing Joshua’s love proposal.

Whitelaw’s corpse was discovered by police at Walgreens on Saturday 11 June. Johnson and Whitelaw had been working together. In this article we will learn about Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs.

What is the Mystery behind the Mystery?

According to the police report the story began last summer. Riley was adamant that Johnson was her manager. Whitelaw complained Johnson was acting badly for her. Johnson continually disturbed her. Whitelaw also asked for different work hours.

Whitelaw’s manager was able to let her work at different times after hearing the entire story. Riley wanted more work, just days earlier. Her manager advised her that she should work longer hours and she had to also work with Joshua. Riley agreed.

Walgreens Colorado Springs

This is where Riley, Joshua and Joshua used to work together. The Walgreens store manager called the police 11 June. The manager advised the police that a body had been discovered in the storeroom floor.

Also, the manager reported to police that the floor of the store was covered in blood when they entered it. Colorado Springs Police were quick to respond. The police sealed off the area, and found an identification card and an earpiece right next to the body. It was Joshua’s badge.

Riley Whitelaw Colorado Springs

After the initial investigation, the police examined the CCTV footage of this store. Joshua blocked the camera with boxes from the footage they took that day. The tragedy took place.

The Colorado police had already caught Joshua. Johnson had been arrested by the Colorado police and was being interrogated about the case. Joshua stated that he found a dead body and that he had changed the shirt for blood reasons. Johnson didn’t inform the police of Riley’s death. Joshua will be taken to court by the police for Walgreens’ Murder Colorado Springs.

What’s the Real Reason Why People Want to Believe It?

A variety of media publications published reports about the murder case. One media report claimed that Riley’s boyfriend had also been offered a job at the company. Johnson felt jealous. Johnson always felt a certain way about Riley. Johnson killed Whitelaw in anger and frustration. This theory is also being investigated by Colorado police.


Many people are demanding Joshua be punished. Many people have demanded that a full investigation be conducted on social media. Whitelaw’s relatives were also condolenced.

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