Everything has a way to do and for book publishing over a top platform like Amazon, you need to be extra vigilant. There is no second thought about the fact that there are already thousands of books over there and hence if you want to be prominent with your book online presence, how to market and present your thing is all that matters.

Since Amazon is a pro platform it certainly has its own way of marketing and presenting books to the world than any other medium. And if it’s our first time, attempt like a master! If you know the BookWritingExperts Amazon is the first platform they would direct you towards. So let’s check out the right way to market a book.

1.     First Thing First

Now I won’t indicate the typical idiom of book cover since you already know about that. But what I’d tell you is to never neglect the exterior of your book. For amazon marketing you can never fall short of anything since the competition is highly tough. Look for chic, trendy, relevant and appealing covers.

Moreover, your book should be nicely edited in all respects so that you have quality to offer. If you talk about the professional approach, a good cover and white-collar editing is a great way to market your book on Amazon. To find a book cover you can try out Reedsy service.

2.     Amazon eBook Metadata

Don’t get confused by the term, your book metadata for amazon is its complete insight information that can be useful. Amazon offers its publishers to set the metadata while you’re setting up your book using the KDP interface. For metadata, your book description must be of 100 words and use the genre specific terms so that search becomes easier. Another easy way to write the start is to start with words like if…then. For example, if you like this then you will like this boot or any creativity following this.

3. Gather Reviews Beforehand

Reviews help the most and that is a fact. If you want to market your book on a platform like Amazon, never underestimate the power of reviews. Besides, no reader would purchase your book unless it has some reviews on it already. Why does someone want to try your writing on him/ her? You have the option to courteously ask for the reviews however you cannot purchase it

3.     Know the Amazon Algorithm

If you are marketing your book, ranking her should be a priority. The higher you appear the better visible you would be in the reader’s charts. To be honest, how the Amazon algorithm works is still secret.

However if we talk about the most relevant idea, it is correlated with volume of sales in less time span. For that you have to sell more copies in less time so that you rank higher, become visible and get readers. Remember, you cannot challenge or overtake e system but take a slight idea. If you are thinking about selling more copies in less time read the next point.

4.     Market your Book on Social Media

Selling more in less time is not everyone’s cup of tea. There why marketing and promotion makes its entry useful. Use the “stacking” trick. Promote your book using many promotional activities simultaneously.

5.     Be Responsive

After you have done promotions, never sit idle or dawdle. Be responsive over social media to respond back to the quarries from your fans or readers. This is also a great way to establish trust and brand approach.

6.  Use Amazon Keywords

To rank higher and standout using appropriate keywords on Amazon is highly recommended. If you find the right keyword it will ultimately get your book to show in the top results and hence you will be able to get more readers. To find the relevant keywords you need tools such as

  • Google’s Keyword Planner
  • Publisher Rocket
  • Ubersuggest

7. Pricing the Book

In marketing the book on Amazon, deciding the right price is also an important factor. If you want to get more profit by deciding a higher price you may lose readers who want cost-effective reading. So how much will you price the book? Any book that is priced $1.99 or 0.99 cents, the royalty would be just 35%, while books priced in the range of $2.99 to $9.99 will have the total royalty of 70%. So the between line for pricing the book should be pretty much according to the size and quality of the platform you are at.