In this article, you will learn more regarding Ricky Ponting’s deathand whether or not it’s fact or a myth.

We’ve lost a lot of outstanding sports stars this year across a variety of sports, be it basketball, football, cricket or another sport. Fans of sports from countries such as Australiaand Indiahave recent experienced a devastating loss as a result of the passing of famous cricket player Shane Warne.

The death of Ricky Ponting has shocked every cricket enthusiast around the world, but in the rumours the most shocking thing is the widespread spread of fake news about Ricky Ponting’s Death.

Who Is Ricky Ponting?

Ricky Ponting or Ricky Thomas Ponting was an Australian cricketer who is now the cricket coach for the Australian cricket team and also a commentator. Ponting was also the Australian captain of the cricket team for seven years of tests and nine seasons in the ODI’s. He is among cricket’s most effective captains throughout the history of cricket who has scored 220 wins across 324 matches.

Ricky Ponting Death, Truth or Myth.

There’s a lot of discussion about this story online. Everyone is in a state of confusion and would like to be able to see the big picture with information that is accurate.

The public has confused the news of Ponting’s death with the death details from an Australian tennis player Shane Warne. On the 4th march, Shane Warne passed away at the age of 52, due to an attack on his heart. In the wake of his death, a number of prominent cricketers shared their reactions, among that was Ricky Ponting. In his reply Ricky Ponting stated the Shane Warne was “someone you could count on”.

Certain channels manipulated the reaction of Ricky Ponting to create fake news, and re-converted Shane Warne’s death announcement into Warne to Ricky Ponting’s Deathnews. Thus, the story of Ponting’s passing is a legend, and he’s alive today, and the cricketer who died is Shane Warne.

Reactions of Celebrities over Shane Warne’s passing.

Shane Warne’s death caused a lot of sadness among all cricketers. A lot of cricketers paid tribute to his memory. Many cricket stars shared their thoughts on the death of Warne. Celebrities such as Ricky Ponting, Glen Mcgrath and Pat Cummins are among the most affected. Glen wrote an emotional post on his Instagram handle and Ponting declared Shane Warne was a person whom he could count on to help his needs.

The reactions of celebrities to Shane Warne’s demise were mixed up with Ricky Ponting deathnews.


In this piece We have attempted to dispel the confusion caused by the death announcement that Ricky Ponting received. We also covered the death announcement from Shane Warne, which was interspersed with Ponting’s death announcement. We also have covered the reactions of prominent cricketers on Shane Warne’s death. In addition we have clarified the facts surrounding the Ricky death and verified that it was an untrue story.

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