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Digital art lovers in the United StatesCanadaAustralia and United Kingdom are considering buying a variety of rare art tokens which are expected to appreciate in the future. The growing momentum in the blockchain and blockchain technology accelerates potential for growth. Find out More about Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT.

More About the rich Dwarves Tribe Token Collections

The collection of tokens consists of various digital art works made by a variety of digital artists. The art collection is composed of three clans major that reside within the Sif Mountain. Three major clans reside in three different places, and there are three chapters in the NFT collection is comprised of three clans and three precious items and three chapters.

The NFTs comprise of a variety of digital art collections that represent various clan members. The NFTs are able to connect the puzzle and uncover the mystery involving those in the clan and their actions. Value of the NFTs differs in line with.

Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT

  • The NFT of the tribes has been constructed using the tokens of ERC-721. This NFT is hosted on IPFS.
  • The NFT collection is comprised of 4999 dwarves and the digital works are within four distinct categories.
  • The entire collection of NFT art works included in the collection are 3D quality artworks.
  • The first clan is made up of the family MO$$O and their members. The clan’s members include the famous MO$$O, the counselors as well as the conveyors and the guardians.
  • The famous MO$$O is the most powerful, richest and influential member of the clan and is an integral part of the making process of deciding.

The Founders and the team behind the Collections of NFT

  • Umdol, Brokk and Erorg co-founded the Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT.
  • The marketing team consists of Andhor, Kirin, Undrun, Oduhm and Glufrak.
  • The design team is comprised of Gumong Alparf, Troyerg, Gumong Dwaosar and Graros.
  • Ogdok oversees the development of blockchain technology.
  • Drano is responsible for the development of smart contracts.
  • Orgon is the reason behind metaverse’s evolution.
  • The Instagram and Twitter team is comprised from Odohr, Aldrum and Thornak. The social media team keeps in contact with its users.

How To Get The Rich Dwarfs Tribe’s Tokens?

  • Visit
  • Join your Metamask wallet to the website. New users can register an account for no-cost Metamask wallet. Find out more details about Rich Dwarves Tribe NFT.
  • After you have created a wallet, download the Metamask extension in Google Chrome. Google Chrome browser.
  • You can add ETH tokens into your wallet. You can purchase ETH tokens through Binance as well as Coin bases exchanges.
  • Connect your wallet by day of NFT release date and make your own Dwarf using equivalent Ethereum tokens. The NFT will be credited once you have completed it has been mint to.
  • All NFT holders are granted an opportunity to join the community.


NFT’s extensive collection of 3D digital art and an exciting storyline can be a major asset in the NFT market.