Everyone likes it when they are rewarded for their loyalty, whether that be shown with a coupon, a discount code, early access to a sale, a free gift, or even a free game to play with the potential to win further prizes. With this being said, we wanted to showcase one such loyalty game, offering one daily free spin on Paddy Power – the Wonder Wheel, which is full to the brim with prizes that could potentially boost not just your gameplay within the online lobby, but your bankroll too.

Scroll down and follow us as we delve deeper into this wonderful offer.

Wonder Wheel

Paddy’s Wonder Wheel is a loyalty promotion offered to players daily, to spin the wheel once a day between the hours of 00:00 and 23:59, where they have the chance to win free spins, cash prizes, bonuses or even a scratchcard.

Who can play and how to take part

Players that hold a fully verified Paddy Power account, who are over the age of 18 and have made at least one deposit into their account can be eligible to play Paddy’s Wonder Wheel.

To spin the Wonder Wheel, you’ll first need to log in to your account, head to the promotions page and click Paddy’s Wonder Wheel. Your screen will load a green, white and yellow wheel and prize list. It is here that you’ll need to press spin. When the wheel is spinning, you’ll notice that the giant wheel is actually comprised of three wheels. The inner wheel will spin first. If this reveals an arrow pointing up, the second wheel will begin to spin. If that too produces an arrow pointing up, the outer wheel, the third wheel, will begin to spin. Each spin of the wheel is unique, with the outcome determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), so you could find out if you’ve won or not on the first wheel, or it could bounce around the wheels for a while before revealing the outcome.

Once the wheel has come to a complete halt, your outcome will be announced, and your screen will either display the words; ‘better luck next time’, or your prize will be shown alongside a claim button.

Prizes on offer

As mentioned before, you are awarded one free spin a day, between the hours of 00:00 and 23:59, where you have the chance to win one prize, which could be anything from free spins, a scratchcard, a cash prize, game bonuses, live casino bonuses or a sportsbook free bet.

As soon as it is announced that you have won a prize, you’ll have the chance to claim it. You will also be greeted with the terms and conditions of the prize and, if applicable, the eligible games within which you can put your prize into action. If you accept the terms and conditions of the prize, it will automatically be added to your account, where you will then have the option to play your prize now or later. It is good to note here that some prizes on offer have a two-hour expiry, so if you wish to play your prize, make sure to do so before it expires.

It is also a good time to note that not all spins of the wheel result in a win, nor do the prizes won within the wheel guarantee a win within the eligible free game. But fear not, because you can always try again for free the next day!