The use of PDF editor has exponentiated from a few thousand users to millions of users across the globe. Companies have considered going paperless with the use of PDF editor for the management of their files.

Amidst the transition to digital systems, the competition of PDF editors has risen to heights. With old players like Adobe Acrobat existing in the market, progressive editors such as PDFdrive are taking over the market. This article seeks the review of Wondershare PDFelement, which is the perfect alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Part 1: Introduction of PDFelement PDF Editor

Any PDF editor that provides the ability to operate cross-platform is preferred in the market. To make a competitive stature in the market, Wondershare PDFelement realized the need to exist across multiple platforms. That is why this PDF editor appis available across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android simultaneously. For this article, our focus shall be on the Windows, Mac, and iOS versions of PDFelement.

Although the platform offers everything for editing, managing, and operating PDF files, there have been a few changes in the market that are surprisingly exceptional. These changes are focused on making user accessibility and adaptability better across PDFelement. To know more about these changes, look at the following points:

New iOS Release

Wondershare PDFelement has recently released its iOSV2.0 in the market, which is accompanied by several impressive added functions in its interface. This includes automatic saving of PDF documents that are being edited, conversion of PDF documents into different formats and vice versa, batch scanning of files that are converted to PDF, along with many other functions in the iOS version.

Updates across the Windows Version

PDFelement now supports functions such as comparing PDF files and measuring PDFs using scalable items across its Windows version. Users can actually scale different diagrams on their PDF documents and take notes of the measurement across the document. The annotation department of PDFelement has also witnessed some exceptional changes. Users are now allowed to use tools such as rich media annotation, annotation filtering, and multiple new shapes as annotation elements.

Changes in Annotation for Mac

This PDF editor for Machas shown significant changes in its annotation tools. Several features such as attaching graphs and files as attachments are now included in PDFelement. New shapes are added in the Mac version, and users can now find long image format across the export format.

Part 2: Review PDFelement on Windows/Mac/iOS

For this part, we shall review the Windows, Mac, and iOS versions of PDFelement, which would help explain why it is the perfect alternative to PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat.

1.      Review PDFelement for Windows

Wondershare PDFelement provides a consistent opportunity for its users across all interfaces. Talking about its Windows version, users have a functional interface under their belt, which is accompanied by a functional shortcut entry on the homepage of the platform. Following the easy layout of the tool, its operation page is quite reasonable and convenient for users. All of the tools are available on the interface, which is a preview of the complete document along with the panels.

Key Features of Windows Version

Comment PDF: Users are provided with an exceptional set of commenting methods across the platform, which now comes with the option of measuring PDF documents. This PDF editor also allows the option of searching comments given across the document with the filters of author, color, or comment type.

Edit PDF: Editing PDF documents is one of the simplest techniques available across PDFelement. Users can easily edit their text, images, links, and watermarks throughout the document with the help of accessible tools. Following this, the backgrounds, headers, and footers of these PDF files can be managed within the set of tools offered by PDFelement.

Convert PDF: While working on different conversion formats available across the PDF editor app, users can now manage and optimize the conversion quality of the files in a better way. This proficiency provides them with the option of maintaining the quality of the PDF documents.

Protect and Sign PDF: PDF documents can be confidential, as per your professional work. To keep the files protected, PDFelement provides you the option of securing these files through passwords and other effective encryptions. Along with that, you can also maintain the files by redacting the important information across them. PDFelement also allows you to set up your personal signatures that can be handwritten or electronically generated.

1.      Review PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac features a much better interface than the one in Windows, as it tends to feel more modern. With a better interface and a division of tools across it, the platform is fully compatible with macOS Monterey. To make usability and visibility better for its users, PDFelement also supports dark mode for Mac users.

Key Features of Mac Version

Markup PDF: PDFelement comes with a better share of annotation tools across Mac. While offering the basic markup tools such as highlighters, pens, and shapes, PDFelement now comes with richer annotation types, which include shapes like Cloud and different polygons. Following this, you can also add attachments in different forms across the PDF document.

PDF Document Editing: Editing across Mac comes up with effective tools. Users who wish to edit their PDF documents on this PDF editor for Mac can work on their texts, images, and links without any discrepancy.

PDF Forms: PDFelement for Mac provides users with the basic accessibility to operate PDF forms across the platform. Not only can they open the forms, but they can also edit across the fillable spaces in it. Following this, PDFelement also allows them to create forms from scratch.

Redact PDF: PDF redaction comes to be quite effective for professionals who are keeping their documents confidential. With the help of the redaction tool, users can hide the important information within their PDF documents, which makes it an effective choice.

PDF Tools: There are multiple functions that can be performed across the PDF document. Users can perform various functions, which includes using the OCR tool for capturing images and converting them into PDF document. Along with that, it also provides them with the opportunity to support batch operations across the PDF documents.

1.      Review PDFelement for iOS

Talking about the iOS platform of PDFelement, its user interface is the face of the brand. Considering the quick access and ‘recent’ tools available across the platform, the operations get quite easy in managing PDF files while you are across your iOS device. To make it competitive in the market, PDFelement has made simpler interfaces for its users as compared to its competitors.

Key Features of iOS Version

Scan and Create PDF: Unlike other PDF tools on iOS, PDFelement allows its users to not only scan their documents to turn them into PDF files but also create PDF documents from scratch. The vast usability makes them a better choice in the market.

Convert PDF: PDFelement for iOS provides multiple options for converting PDF documents. From supporting Office formats to different image formats, the conversion tool is quite commendable as compared to other PDF editor tools.

Edit PDFs: As you can create PDF documents across the iOS platform of PDFelement, you can also edit these files with ease. PDFelement makes sure that its users can manage their complete documents without going across desktops.

Annotate PDF: PDF annotation is possible across the PDF editor for iOS. While commenting and adding sticky notes across a PDF document, users can also make shapes and highlight text to annotate documents.

Organize PDFs: One of the most highlighted features of PDFelement is its ability to put documents across folders to make them accessible with ease. PDFelement for iOS is known for this exceptional feature for organizing PDF documents across folders.

Part 3: Advantages and Disadvantages of PDFelement

As you’ve seen that PDFelement has put an exceptional effort into providing users with adaptability across managing PDF documents, it should be known to the users why should they prefer working across it. The following list introduces them to the benefits and drawbacks of considering this PDF editor app.


  • PDFelement holds exceptional support for multiple devices, which means that iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac users can consider this PDF editor for their purpose.
  • The platform is very easy to use, considering the variety of tools within the interface. Regardless of such a vast availability of data, it still is a perfect choice for beginners.
  • The tool is fully functional, with no add-ons that are to be catered to for using the functions across PDFelement. The tool makes sure that users have accessibility to all kinds of features like how to write on a PDF for managing their documents.
  • PDFelement is extremely cost-effective as compared to its counterparts in the market. Users are not burdened with using the tool for their work.


  • It does not allow users to collaborate across cross-platforms; however, this function will be added in the upcoming version of PDFelement.


The article has comprehensively provided a detailed review of Wondershare PDFelement, an exceptional PDF editor that offers extensive options and features in the market as compared to other PDF editors. Go through the review to know more about this PDF editor.