Anybody would love to reside in the most affluent regions of a city so that people can enjoy the long term benefits of luxury and more. Such is the county of St Albans, the happy hives of a sophisticated crowd. One of the oldest settlements in Britain and the second largest town, this has been the most desirable place to live for the millennial. Though it might not appear to be a high-end town, St Albans is one of the most expensive places in Hertfordshire to live in recent times. Many new and growing families move here as St Albans is one of the best regions to raise children. People who prefer to live in a quiet and peaceful environment often move to St Albans. Most people prefer to find a house to rent in St Albans as the properties available here are exorbitant. The rental market has grown exponentially and is a fabulous place for overseas investors to call dibs on a property. 


The entire neighbourhood of St Albans is a peaceful place of residence, and finding the perfect street or house is not much of a hassle. However, property prices vary with the locality and size and carefully choosing one requires a piece of deep knowledge and research. The median price of a property in St Albans would be £700,000, and the range is over £1M for most luxury properties. The demand for rental homes is increasing by the day and letting agents St Albans are busier than usual.


Pondwicks Close

Though it is situated in a conveniently remote region, Pondwicks Close is regarded as one of the most expensive areas of St Albans. Several contemporary double detached homes were built in the last few years, each property ranging about 5,500 Square ft. The average selling price of a property in this region is a whopping £4,250,000, and the prices only increase with time. 

Watford Road 

One of the famous streets of St Albans is Watford Road, located in the Chiswell Green area. Houses in this area are well-known for their enormous gardens, decked patios, and modern flair. In this neighbourhood, the average value of dwellings built in the last

year is £865,000. People living here have close access to the motorway network and reach neighbouring towns quickly.

Marshals Drive

Marshals Drive has been the most expensive area in St Albans for over five years in a row. This is one of St Alban’s poshest neighbourhoods where properties are sold at over £1,705,000 apiece. This is a family-friendly area, and the detached properties available here range from 4 double bedrooms to 6 double bedrooms making it the best buy for an investor. 

Romans End

The property graph of Romans End in St Albans has taken an upward curve in recent times. Romans End is located at the southern end of a private road in the St Albans, providing more privacy and a quiet neighbourhood. The popularity of substantial households has increased among a mixed ethnic group and is worth £1,125,000. This estimate will clearly rise in the coming years.

York Road

Not many transactions take place regularly in this part of St Albans. However, period homes are rather popular in York Road, which attracts buyers from around the world. Detached homes built in 1901 are an absolute delight for a seasoned buyer. Despite the limited sales in this neighbourhood, the minimum worth of a property would be about £1,930,000, and the value only spikes up with time.

Cunningham Hill Road 

Among the many streets of St Albans, Cunningham Road has envious greenery, providing a serene living experience on the whole. Several spacious houses with different style variants are available here, and investors get to pick the best place that suits their needs. The properties are available here at a gross of £1,295,000 that is conveniently located within a walking distance of the city centre. 

The Park 

The luxury homes built in this neighbourhood are massive, including the style, elegance and price. From detached houses to the mighty mansions of The Park, the options for residential properties are unending. Being one of the major hotspots of St Albans, people are seen flooding here every year. The price tags on a property would be an overwhelming £1,905,000, pushing this neighbourhood within the top ten list of expensive places.