“Haze” is the most recent from Restless Modern in a series of discs, which have dropped twice a month since the beginning of 2020. This self-published disc is a kind of pop tinged with R&B which talks about the process of taking every day at a time and how it deals with the continuous process of trying to grow as a person and as an independent artist.

Given the social backdrop of this version, Restless Modern spent 100% of the track’s first year of revenue on charitable organizations that support people of color and push for equality. Her statement on release and related recognizance is below:

“As we enter the music industry blackout on Tuesday, I wanted to take action on my Wednesday outing. I encourage other participants (big labels in particular) to do more than just take a day 100% of my income from “Haze” in the first year will be donated to a collection of bond funds and the Color of Change organization, as I will not be promoting the release as I usually do. , and because I am a small independent artist whose records do not always come out, I advanced this commitment with a donation of $ 200 to make sure to put my money where my mouth is. colorofchange.org “