Are you a property management professional looking to manage rent received from renters? Do you find it tedious to follow up with tenants about their rent? This account is helpful for both.

Today’s article includes details about an online rental reporting platform. This website is a great resource for property managers and renters from the United States. Keep reading for more information about Renttrack.

Renttrack Reviews

Many investment and financial platforms have expressed appreciation for the website’s services. This website’s FICO score is what most people are most pleased with. Renttrack was criticized by one forum. These users have stated that the site does not appear genuine.

Some people also deny the possibility of building credit using rent payments. That is simply a business drill. So, the subject website has received both positive reviews and negative ones on the Internet.

Renttrack Customer Service

Renttrack offers several contact points for customer support. One can send an e mail to the [email protected] team. Managers and renters can connect with executives via Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat and Twitter.

If you’re comfortable calling this line, dial 1 866 84 9090. This organization is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. The team helps property managers and renters solve questions regarding rent payment tracking. This is in compliance with the state’s legal requirements for reporting rent payments.

What’s Renttrack ?

Renttrack is an online rental tracking and reporting tool. It assists property managers and renters with rent payments. It invites tenants and allows them to sign up to this portal. This will allow them to report their rent payments at the three major credit bureaus within the United States. These are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Renters may be able to make credit on the rents received. Incentives and rewards are offered to residents for paying their rents on time. Because residents are punctual with their rent payments, the website eliminates the possibility of eviction. The Renttrack reviews from many investment portals mention that this forum increases the FICO score.

Is Renttrack Legit?

The following details will confirm this website’s credibility.

  • Website age – This site is old at twenty-three. It was launched by its developers on 10 January 2000.
  • Trust score of Portal –93%. This index is a Good Trust Index.
  • Connection to social media –The subject portal has been connected to its social media handles via Twitter and Facebook by the designers.
  • Reviews by Customers – We have seen mixed reviews about this platform. It has been mentioned on several websites that it offers excellent services. Users on one portal review it as untrustworthy.


Renttrack has stated that the website has a good trust rating and life span. Therefore, it appears genuine. However, there are negative customer reviews that raise questions about its legality.