Are you aware that even your skin has to be taken extra care because of pollution and vehicular emissions? Are you the type of person who adheres to a skin care regimen every day? You might have tried a variety of products.

People are now looking for skin care solutions that they can use every day in the United Kingdom or other countries. In this article, you will find the Review of a cosmetics shop website.

More information about the website

The store’s name is “industryor”, which sells a wide selection of cosmetics depending on skin type and gender. The products are modified versions of natural ingredients, enriched with medical chemicals. They got positive feedback from the public.

The products they have created are called,

  • Retinol cream for age-reversing effects
  • Anti-wrinkle lotion
  • Waterproof CC cream for the face
  • Serums for dark spots
  • Eye cream to reduce dark circles
  • Foot patch for slimming
  • Hair serums to increase the density
  • Tightening cream
  • Accessory for women’s inner wear, such as accessories and clothing

Website specification Legit Although new websites might try many tricks to fool customers, it’s important to make sure the site is genuine before we place an order.

  • Customers can buy from:
  • Email address:
  • Telephone number: The telephone number was not accessible on the website
  • Names of social media profiles: They have made their presence known on Facebook, Instagram Pinterest Youtube, Twitter and Youtube. But the links they have aren’t working. They have also faked their existence.
  • Address information: This information is not available on this website
  • Newsletter options: Available for their customers
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews are available.
  • Shipping policy: There are different delivery times for different countries. The general shipping time is between 12 to 20 and express shipping takes between 7 to 12 and 12 days. All orders above 35$ qualify for free shipping
  • Return policy: Customers have 14 days in which to return defective products. For returning products, customers will not be charged any additional fees
  • Refund policy: After the customer approves the quality of returned products, they will receive their refund within 7 days.
  • Privacy policy: They have taken all the necessary factors into consideration when creating their privacy policy
  • PayPal and card facilities are two options for payment. Reviews may be accessed from this website. However, the website appears suspicious due to its contents, so it should be examined further.

  • Many cosmetics stores will not accept returns. However, this website accepts returns with full reimbursements.
  • Customers who spend $35 and more get free shipping
  • You have many payment options.

Red flags

  • They offered many combo and discount offers. It was not possible.
  • Their products are attractive to bulk buyers.
  • They mention different websites and brands in each piece. It indicates that they have copied their contents.

Legitimacy check

Is Legit. This paragraph will focus on the domain characteristics of the website.

  • Domain age: Domain was created July 1, 2022. Domain age: The domain is now 2 months old
  • Domain expiry age: The remix domain will expire in 10 months. It expires on July 1, 2023.
  • Trust Score for Website: Is only 2 %
  • Only 34 % of the content is original
  • Registrar Name: namesilo.LLC
  • Global Alexa ranking is not available
  • You are missing information? Please call or email us to get the correct details.
  • Data protection protocols: They are available to help secure customer data
  • Reviews from customers
  • Plagiarism content: 66 %
  • 64% in SEO
  • Jesinla Brand Name

Customer feedback summary

Remixc’s website has received high reviews. Their skincare products have been well-received and received positive reviews. The customers’ before and after pictures have been displayed. They sell clothing, accessories, household goods, and other items. We could not find any reviews about these products. It’s difficult to prove that the product is legit when considering all the parameters.


The reviews covers the details and specifications. Even though this website has received high ratings, it cannot prove its legitimacy due to fake information on social media and copying of other brands’ website names, as well as its low trust score.