Birthdays are always filled with renewed hopes and aspirations for the coming year. Life is indeed a journey with ups and downs but with each birthday celebration there’s a ray of positivity towards the next 365 days. Birthday as a significant milestone should be celebrated to welcome another year as one continues to journey in life.

To remember someone’s birthday is a very nice gesture. It doesn’t need to be grand or lavish but it should be memorable and heartfelt. Not all celebrants are expecting material things on his or her birthday. Some just want a special, peaceful moment with loved ones. Some just want a cake or an ice cream because some people are happy with the smallest things they receive on their special day. So, when you want to greet someone on his or her birthday, make sure that it is something that is relevant to the celebrant. Remember, some people only want the basic in life.

There are ways to express birthday greetings. It could be as simple as saying “happy birthday” in person or the usual electronically sent messages. These are casual greetings but if you want to say happy birthday differently and express that you did not forget someone’s birthday there are creative ways to show it.

Series of gift giving. We often tend to send birthday gifts in a hurry missing some important details in the manner of gift giving. But if you intend to make a lasting expression when greeting someone special on his or her birthday then better have a little effort in doing so. Why not plan ahead and think of the most creative way of giving birthday gifts. One idea is to have a series of gift giving which will give out clues leading to the main gift. For example, you can start by giving a headset (accessory for mobile phone) in advanced. Then after a few days, a nice cute USB speaker, then on the actual birthday a new cellphone- get the idea? For sure, the birthday celebrant will feel extra special with all the planning and effort in making it significant and memorable. 

Say it with a handwritten birthday card. Birthday greetings are often sent electronically and in this digitally driven world, handwritten notes and cards become novelties. Sending a handwritten birthday card is ideal in greeting clients, business associates, friends and relatives. But what makes a handwritten birthday card special is the very thought of giving some time and effort in choosing the best card, in writing down the birthday greetings and then sending it by mail. Cards that are handwritten usually end up in treasured memory boxes to savor for many years to come. Don’t worry or think that sending this type of card might be time consuming or expensive. Check out this automatic birthday card service that offers the most convenient, authentic and thoughtful way of remembering someone’s birthday. They can make you a unique handwritten card for the celebrant and have it delivered right at the doorstep. 

So, if you want to remember someone on his or her birthday and make it significant then send a handwritten birthday card.