Are you curious about the Rembulan Fishing Store review? If your answer is yes, all your questions will be sorted out after reviewing this article. This topic caught the attention of the people of the United States.

Since most people prefer to shop online rather than going to a regular store to meet their daily needs, several online stores offer a wide variety of products that can meet your needs.

What is Rembulan Fishing Store?

It can be thought of as an online shopping site that deals with all kinds of fishing accessories and marine gear. Rembulan Fishing Store reviews will help you understand whether to buy from this website or not.

Their products include marine electrical supplies, boat parts, hunting and fishing supplies, nautical gear, outboard motors, etc. This site regularly updates information on their latest products, such as posting photos and listing each item on their official website.

Besides, they accept all kinds of online payment methods to facilitate your business. Let’s check the specifications further.

Website Specifications:

If you want all the details about this site to be credible, follow the Rembulan Fishing Store reviews to the end.

• Website: sells all kinds of fishing and marine accessories and is available at

• Address: Ji Bintang No. 36-36A, Kec-Medan Kota, Medan, Sumatera, Utara 2021. Indonesia

• Contact number: +638778666852

• E-mail: not provided

• Delivery: 3-30 days for air freight and 12-45 days for ocean freight

• Shipping cost: not stated

• Return / Refund Policy – 3 days from receipt.

• Payment methods are Visa and PayPal.

Positive points of the site:

• The site has also been designed to be SSL-protected, which means online banking is secure.

• This site was registered on January 16, 2014 which means it is several years old so we rely on it.

• The site contains all the details of the latest editions.

For more information, read Rembulan Fishing Store Reviews.

Negative points of the site:

• No social page has been generated on any of the social networks.

• Product prices are much lower, which are not trustworthy at all.

• This site only offers a three-day return and refund policy which means you must return it within three days of receiving it. In addition to this, they also listed a list of non-returnable items.

• This site does not provide their official postal ID which is more confusing and the provided mobile number also does not work.

• Site reviews are also not positive.

Is Rembulan Fishing Store legal?

This site was registered a few years ago which means it continues to operate for 5 to 6 years.

While this is an old website, they have not provided their official postal ID, and the presence of this website on social media is not suspicious. Moreover, they don’t provide a return and refund policy for all of their products.

They don’t have any about us page where you can find detailed information about the company, such as the owner’s name, way of doing business, and a tour of the facility.

From the above points, you can easily judge whether the Rembulan Fishing Store is legal or not.

Customers opinion:

While there are no reviews on the official website, we find a few reviews on Google that are negative as well. Some consider it a scam; others encourage people to stay away from that side.

Also, one person mentioned that people need to be aware of these sites. From the above comments from various people, it is easy to see that many people took it as suspicious.

Therefore, the customers are not at all satisfied with the operation of this site.

Final Verdict on Rembulan Fishing Store Review

Based on the discussion above, although this site is registered a few years ago, there are many negative points. This page has not created any social media page, the registered mobile number is also not active, they have not provided their page about us, the content is plagiarized, many people have also treated it as a suspicious and fraudulent site.

Therefore, we encourage everyone to do the appropriate research before investing any money on this site.

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