Usually, the first thing we do when we get home after a long day at the office is turn on the TV or sit in front of the computer. But when you think about it, when doing these activities, we do not allow our brain to rest, as we continue receiving new information that we have to ‘digest’ and after that, we might feel even more tired and overwhelmed. Here are some suggestions for alternative activities when you are done with your workday that we think you will find useful and might like to try.

Go for a drink with a friend or a colleague

What is better than meeting a friend for a nice cocktail after work? Instead of going home immediately, you can always make an appointment with someone whose company works well for you. Have a good cocktail at a nice place, chat, and laugh, and it is guaranteed you’ll feel recharged, and your mood will be boosted. 

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Read a book

A pleasant, relaxing, and secluded activity. What could be easier than that? Grab a good book and make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate or enjoy a glass of wine. Transfer into a different reality and forget about the real world, the problems, and your job. 

Reading is relaxing and has many other benefits, such as it can add new words to our vocabulary, being a good topic to discuss with strangers, and making us more creative and developing our imagination.

Listen to your favourite music

Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy your favourite music. Listening to chillout, rhythm and blues, classical, evergreen, pop, and jazz is recommended, as they are considered music genres good for stress relief.

Cook your favourite recipe

Cooking is very relaxing. Anyone who likes to practise it will agree. Make your favourite muffins or prepare a cake to treat your colleagues the next day – they will fall in love with you. 


It is enough to spend 20-30 minutes when you get home after work or before bed. If you make it a habit, you will feel the effects in the long run. There are so many videos and articles that can guide you on how to meditate. Many say meditation has done wonders to their life and practise it more than once daily.

Go for a power walk

Take a walk around the neighbourhood, as long as it’s not too cold or pouring rain – after all, we don’t want to catch a cold, we want to rest. Or even better, if you have a nice park in your area or live close to the woods, you can have a nice power walk, inhale good air and connect with nature. Meanwhile, you can enjoy relaxing music or focus on positive thoughts about the future or goals you want to achieve. 

Spoil yourself with SPA time

Ladies, polish your nails, do a face mask, take a long bath, and infuse your hair with natural oils. Gentlemen, shave or enjoy a relaxing shower or ask your wife to give you a nice massage. Do something that pleases you. You’ve earned it.

Focus on creativity

If you love to draw, it doesn’t matter if you have a brilliant talent or even find colouring in picture books too difficult. Commit to this activity for an hour or so, and you’ll be surprised how rested your brain will be. 

Why not try new creative knitting? It is said to reduce stress, and you can also accidentally become an owner of a new sweater for the winter.

Find a hobby to practise after work.

Do you like dancing, doing a sport, or maybe you have always wanted to try pottery class but always find excuses not to do it? Well, we encourage you to book a class and do it. Practising a hobby, you enjoy charges you with good energy and emotions, which will immediately remove the tired feeling and uplift your mood.

Final thoughts

There are so many ways we can relax after work, but we are so caught up in our daily life and problems that we sometimes forget how to do it and what to do to relax. We hope we have given you some good ideas you will try and enjoy.