If you are planning to register a company offshore, one of the best jurisdictions is the United States. It is the largest economy globally, and you can expect to grow and transform your company into a global brand fast. The Federal and State support to businesses registered in the US is particularly notable. This is why most of the large companies that you know of today, from Microsoft to Facebook, are likely to have their roots in the US. 

As an entrepreneur, the biggest question when it comes to offshore company registration in the US might be “what is the right procedure?” As we are going to highlight shortly, the process can be pretty complex, but this post will highlight a simpler, better, and more convenient method of getting the process done fast. 

Benefits of Registering a Company in the United States 

What do you want to achieve with your offshore company? Whether it is rapid profit growth or expansion into a multinational, the US can be the leverage that you want. Here are other prime benefits to expect for opening a company in the United States

  • Registering a company in the US can help to give it an international reputation. 
  • Very strong property right protection laws for companies registered in the jurisdiction. 
  • Easier access to capital through different financial institutions and government agencies. 
  • Low corporate tax of 21%, which is way lower than most countries. 
  • The US is a tech-friendly nation. 
  • Easy access to the local market of more than 329 million.
  • The US has signed bilateral trade agreements with more than 20 countries and trading blocks to extend the reach of local companies. 
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure. 
  • Educated workforce.

The Process of Company Registration in the United States

 Here are the main steps required for company formation in the United States. 

  • Select the preferred type of business entity to form in the United States. 
  • Pick the state where your company will be based. For example, do you want the company to be based in New York or Los Angeles?
  • Select a company registration agent. In the US, you are required to get an agent that is supposed to receive the legal papers and communications on our behalf. 
  • Prepare the main documents and requirements, including a company name, details of company shareholders and directors, Federation Employer Identification Number, and Certification of Authentication. 
  • Get a physical business address or virtual office.
  • Open a corporate bank account.

Work with ICD Fiduciaries to Register Your Offshore Company in the USA

As you can see, the process of company incorporation can be pretty complex, lengthy, and expensive. This is why you need to have an agency of experts on your way. ICD Fiduciaries is always up-to-date with the latest legal requirements for company registration in the United States. The best thing about it is that you do not have to book a flight to the United States, and the process is way cheaper compared to doing it on your own. 

Other services you can get for working with ICD Fiduciaries include: 

  • Company renewal services for your US enterprise. 
  • Bank account opening
  • Virtual office services.
  • International trading structures. 
  • Tax and accounting services. 

The success of your offshore venture largely depends on its location, structure, and the strategies you adopt for operations. With ICD Fiduciaries, you are assisted in handling the entire process to keep the cost low and rapidly grow the enterprise. Reaching the United States and opening a company is now easy, fast, and affordable with the experts on your side. Visit ICD Fiduciaries now to learn more about company registration in the United States and take advantage of this high-potential jurisdiction.