Imagine a day when the refrigerator in your home stops functioning! It would be terrible because you would not know what you would do with all the food that you keep in your refrigerator. But before your refrigerator breaks down completely, you will find that it stops cooling adequately. There are several reasons why a fridge does not cool as expected. For example, you might have made the mistake of turning up the refrigerator’s temperature and forgotten to turn it down. This simple mistake can prevent a fridge from cooling as expected. Other than that, there are several reasons for a refrigerator not cooling as expected. As per JT Appliance Repair in Palm Beach, some of the reasons for the fridge not cooling are as follows:

  1. Dirty condenser coils

The condenser coils of your refrigerator are usually located beneath or behind the fridge. In some cases, you can see the coils and certain refrigerators; they are covered. Irrespective of the appearance of the coils, these coils tend to gather dust and grime. But these coils play the crucial function of cooling the refrigerator. These coils cool and condense the refrigerant, which cools the fridge. However, if the coils become dirty and gather too much dust and grime, these coils cannot function properly. As a result, your refrigerator will not cool properly. You can remove the dust and dirt from the refrigerator with a vacuum. You can also remove dust with the help of a brush, especially if the coils are on the back of the fridge. If there is excessive dirt, you will have to hire professional service to clean the refrigerator coils.

  1. Check the vents at the back of the freezer.

The freezer in your refrigerator plays a crucial role in cooling the entire refrigerator. According to, the cool air blown in from the vents in the freezer keeps the fridge cool. But if your overload your freezer and block the vents, then chances are that your refrigerator will not cool properly. So check the freezer compartment and ensure that the frozen items in the freezer do not block the vents.

  1. The condenser fan is broken.

This is an issue that you cannot solve, and you might not be able to identify as a layperson. The condenser fan is located near the compressor of the refrigerator. The condenser fan keeps the condenser coil cool as it condenses the refrigerant. If the condenser fan breaks down, the coils will overheat, and the refrigerator will not cool down. You will have to contact your appliance repair center to have your refrigerator evaluated and the condenser fan replaced.

  1. The evaporator fan is broken.

Like the condenser fan, the evaporator fan plays a crucial role in keeping the refrigerator cool. The evaporator fan draws cool air from the fridge and ensures that it circulates throughout the entire unit. If it malfunctions, then you will find that your refrigerator is not cooling thoroughly. You will find that the freezer compartment is freezing, but the rest of the fridge is not cold. It is because the cool air is not getting circulated throughout the unit. If the evaporator fan breaks down entirely, then the refrigerator will not cool down at all. You need to contact a reliable appliance repair center to get your refrigerator evaluated and your evaporator fan repaired or replaced in both scenarios.

When your refrigerator is not as cold as expected, it is clear that certain parts of the unit are not functioning as expected. As a homeowner, you might try basic things like checking the condenser coil, the temperature control, and the freezer to resolve the issue. But if the problem persists, you need to hire a professional to get the entire refrigerator thoroughly checked. 

Sometimes the problem occurs if the unit is old and the parts are damaged due to continuous usage. Then you could consider replacing the refrigerator. But before you start thinking about purchasing a new refrigerator, it is crucial to see if you can get the old unit working with a certain amount of servicing and repair. With proper maintenance, you can make refrigerators last for a long time.