High driver turnover rates can cost the trucking and transportation industries thousands of dollars. It is a top goal for many companies to try and reduce the driver turnover rate as much as possible. But how does one go about this process? Luckily, there are many ways to keep your drivers more satisfied so that they stay.

1. Increase driver engagement

Engagement is a key factor in job satisfaction. Your drivers should love the work they are doing, and for that to happen, you need to find ways to increase driver engagement. Some easy ways to do this are by acknowledging their hard work and achievements, helping your drivers set goals for themselves, and asking them questions about how you can make their work more enjoyable for them, as long as it is realistic. 

2. Increase driver wages

One of the top causes for a high driver turnover rate is that drivers are not being paid enough. Many studies have shown that it costs way more to hire new employees than to keep old ones. So if a driver is doing exceptionally well in their job, give them a raise! This will also help you build a good relationship with your employees as they will feel that you care about them. 

3. Provide more guidance

If any of your drivers are struggling with carrying out a task, lend them a helping hand. After all, they are your employees and you need to be there for them to guide them whenever necessary. Hold training and orientation sessions and make sure to answer any questions your drivers may have.

4. Check your vehicles

When a shipment is unproductive due to vehicle breakdowns, this can make drivers feel unmotivated and encourage them to quit their job. Your drivers have to like the vehicle they are driving, and your vehicle should allow the delivery or shipment to happen smoothly with little to no issues. Make sure you are maintaining all of your vehicles well by conducting regular maintenance and inspections. If you notice an issue, fix it immediately before it gets worse.

5. Keep good communications

Communication helps improve driver satisfaction rates in two ways. Drivers feel that they are being kept in the loop with any new company updates, even if they may not be particular to their specific job. Communication also helps drivers to not get lost while on the road.

6. Leverage visibility technology

The number one solution to a smoother supply chain is visibility. Visibility is often achieved through reliable and future-focused technology that takes into account every roadblock that drivers may face every step of the way in the delivery process. A good transportation management system has visibility features such as real-time transit data, automation features for documentation, and route optimization options.

Zara Raza is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Turvo Inc., a cloud-based collaborative transportation management system to modernize the supply chain. Turvo helps 3PLs, freight brokers, and shippers improve and automate logistics and supply chain processes with a scalable TMS.