2023 is very close to us, and all companies are making in-depth analysis for the changes of mobile gaming sector in 2022. Through the analysis of these game data, we can see the new development trend of the gaming sector in the next year. Let’s first understand some changes in 2022.

New Gameplay: XX-like Genre Games

As we all know, there are many new types of games in mobile games every year. We are not unfamiliar with this. However, games labeled XX-Like genre are rare. For example, the Dark Souls and Slay the Spire games released since 2017 have been successful, making these mobile games similar to XX-Like genre in the industry. It can be said that creative games are an important factor in the development of mobile games, and innovation is indispensable to the development.

This year, Vampire Survivors officially went online. In the test conducted at the end of last year, this game gained very high popularity and began to grow significantly in 2022. Players begin to enjoy the games of gameplay with pixelated, auto-attacking and top-down features. At present, Steam’s positive comments exceed 130000, accounting for 98%. Vampire Survivors adds a carefully designed element of Xiake style, which clearly sets the direction for most gaming developers.

Survivor.io is another example that is considered similar to survivor like gene on mobile clients. This can be found in many iOS free game lists and best selling game lists. Only three months after its listing, Survivor.io has made a great profit Io has made outstanding achievements in the top ten of the gaming market in china. In addition, the monthly active users of this game easily exceeded 20 million, which is very rare in the industry.

Only the breakthrough of design rules can gain more players, which makes many gaming developers must learn from the past experience and innovate on this basis. Therefore, gaming development requires more and more innovation. Recently, survivor like gene is a relatively successful new gaming type. We can consider the future. In the next period of time, which players will like the next one like XX-Like gene, which still needs to be guessed.

Cloud Gaming: A New Trend 

While there are currently few cloud games in the sector, games developed by miHoYo, Tencent, and Netease can be found to gain popularity. But cloud gaming has made a more significant development than ever before in all aspects, covering product, technology, and policy, this year.

At the beginning of 2020, Apple said that it would prohibit all apps from relying on cloud platform streaming to provide services, which undoubtedly hit many manufacturers’ enthusiasm for cloud game development. However, in the second half of 2020, Apple also relaxed this policy and began to allow cloud games and other apps to be put on the App Store. Although there are still some restrictions, for manufacturers, the problem of listing channels has been basically solved.

More difficulties lie in the product level. At that time, cloud game services were mostly based on cloud platforms. There was no good precedent for a single product to launch cloud apps. Until the emergence of Genshin Impact on GeForce, we saw the possibility of this business model.

The obvious advantage of Genshin Impact is that it allows users to get rid of the limitation of hardware specifications and enjoy PC level game screen performance. This is very attractive for players, especially for Genshin Impact, a work with excellent picture quality. It is bound to be a trend to use cloud games to get rid of hardware limitations to develop products of higher specifications. In the future, more high-quality masterpieces will go to the cloud.

Also, in this trend, various cloud phone platforms are emerging. With the adoption of the concept of cloud gaming, these platforms enable players to enjoy games on the cloud without the need to store physical smartphones across platforms.The top-notch products cover Redfinger cloud phone, LD Cloud in the sector. 

Multi Platforms: More Choices for Gamers

At present, the game platform is trying to retain users through various channels. Therefore, PC player has gradually become the potential target of platform exploration. More and more game developers no longer rely only on mobile platforms, but rely on multiple platforms to expand the user base.

This trend can be seen in the leading products in the game industry. For example, Honkai Impact 3 and Tower of Fantasy run on PC and mobile platforms. Genshin Impact is released on PS5 as well as PC and mobile platforms. All these games have achieved tangible results in this field.

Successful products encourage more developers to start multi platform development. This not only ensured the popularity of the game, expanded the user base, but also obtained considerable income. Under the background that PC games come from official channels, developers can benefit from it.