The ongoing labor shortage in the US has put a lot of pressure on businesses in terms of meeting production demands. Supply chain disruptions are another area where the labor shortage hits everyone hard.

Higher pay and better benefits can attract some new employees or let you hang on to critical staff members. Yet, filling empty roles remains a crucial and ever more difficult proposition. This is why some businesses are looking to others to do the job for them in the form of recruitment companies.

If you’re new to the world of recruitment agencies, you might wonder how to choose the right one. Keep reading for some tips on making a good pick.

Understand Your Own Needs

Picking a good recruitment firm means starting with your own needs. Many recruitment agencies specialize to one degree or another. If you need an executive role filled, for example, you’ll want a company that specializes in executive recruitment.

Sit down and figure out what kind of employees you need, how many, and even how often you think you might need replacements. That can inform your final choice of a recruitment firm.

Industry Experience

As part of your search parameters when you go looking for a “recruitment agency near me” online, you should include your industry.

For example, let’s say you run a company that writes custom software, and you want a project manager for client projects. A recruiter with tech sector experience will understand that a software project manager needs different skills and a different range of experience than a project manager for a food company.

By the same thinking, a construction company looking for workers to fill out crews will bring their set of expectations.

A firm with experience in your industry won’t need things that you consider basics explained to them.

Track Record

What is the company’s track record with successfully filling the kind of positions you want to fill? Do their candidates routinely quit after a few weeks or months, or do they typically stay. You don’t want a situation where you must fill the same position again a month later because the recruitment team sent you someone qualified but flaky.


It isn’t necessarily the most important consideration, but you should investigate the company’s fee structure. It won’t make a difference that a company is the best if you can’t afford them. At the very least, they should have ballpark figures they can give you for different recruitment services.

Recruitment Companies and You

In a time when businesses of all kinds struggle with filling roles, recruitment companies can take some of the stress off of your HR and management teams. Picking the right company will make the process go smoother.

Make sure you pin down your own needs, so you can look for companies with the right role and industry experience. Ask about the track record for successful placements. Make sure you get a clear picture of their costs.

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