This article contains all the details about July 8 Mini Crossword Homophone Wordle as well as more information about the game’s alternate.

Did you manage to complete all mini crossword puzzles? Do you need mini crossword solutions? This article will help you find the mini crossword answers. Another word challenge has been added to the Mini crossword challenge. This game has been a huge success in Canada and United States. It also ranks high in Australia and United Kingdom.

This article will provide all the details for the July 18 Mini Crossword . Follow the blog for more updates.

July 18 Mini Crossword Answer and Clues:

Mini Crossword’s word challenge was quite difficult to solve. Mini Crossword is now available with many other word puzzles. The solution to the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle is listed below.

  • Signed as a contract- INKED.
  • Library Carrel, Essential- DESK
  • Praiseful Poems- ODES.
  • Homophone of Censes, Cents and Scents- SENSE.
  • Elements below Helium on the Periodic Table- NEON.
  • IDO Wedding Words
  • Library Offerings – BOOKS.
  • You are preaching to the choir – IKNOW.
  • Opposite to SSE- NNW.

While the word challenges were complex, players struggled with the fourth clue. Homophone Definition is a word that sounds the same but has a different spelling or meaning.

All About NYT Mini Crossword:

Since its introduction, this game has been a favorite of all players. The New York Times publishes this game. The NYT Mini Crossword offers different word challenges, such as Across or Down.

This crossword game allows players to guess the word using clues, which is different from other crossword games. You can play the game for free by visiting their websites.

Word challenges are still quite difficult. As on July 18, Mini Crossword Puzzle users struggled to solve the fourth clue. Players also asked What is the meaning of Homophone? To conclude, we have provided the definition of Homophone as a reference.

Alternatives to NYT Mini Crossword:

Below are some alternatives to Mini Crossword.

  • Wordle This is one of our favorite word puzzle games. Players are required to find the hidden letter in the five-word puzzle. The word challenge is only available to six players.
  • Spelling Bee This game was created by The New York Times. This puzzle is made up of seven letters and is presented in a Honeycomb form. Based on the provided letters, players must form a word from four to five letters.

Was July 18 Mini Crossword Homophone Wordle hard?

Players had difficulty understanding the clues for July 18, especially the fourth word. Each day, a new word mystery is revealed in the game. We have the answers to your July 18 Mini Crossword questions.


This article explains how to solve the July 18 Mini Crossword puzzle. Click this link to learn about the July 18 Mini Crossword Puzzle.

This article contains all details regarding the July 8 Mini Crossword Homophone Wordle.

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