It is the joy of every parent to see their children passing college exams. However, everyone is born with a brilliant mind. Some students pass well in some subjects and fail the others. Some fail in all the subjects. Students will always have excuses because they did not perform as expected. With the right materials and taking enough time to read and understand a subject, students should not fail in their college exams.

Failing has become very common in colleges. It is a major concern and more research has to be done to find more reasons why students fail. You will find students failing in simple tasks like essay writing. Let us look at the major reasons why people fail in college

 Subject choice

As we have discussed, some students perform well in some subjects than others. Many students choose courses that they are not interested in. This may be because they were pushed to pursue the courses or they want to have certain big titles or maybe they want to be like their friends.

As a result, get confused and end up performing poorly in their college exams.

Long working hours

Some students work and study at the same time. It becomes difficult to balance between the two. If you are working for long hours, you may lack enough time to focus on your studies. If you are in such a situation, you can look at assignment help services online. 

If you have an assignment like analytical report writing you can hire an expert to do it for you as you do other important things


It’s not bad to party but you should party at the right time. Some students move from home to college daily while others get accommodation in colleges. Those living in college hostels are likely to misuse the freedom they have. You may find students partying from Monday to Friday. As a result, they lack time to revise for their exams.

Bad study habits

You should have good study habits to perform well in your exams. I.e., when studying you should have a pen and a piece of paper or a rough book. this will help to record what you grasp in mind. At the end of your study period, you will know what you understand and what you don’t. to pass your exams, ensure you adapt all the mechanisms and strategies required for the study.

Exam phobia

Fear is another reason for failure. Soo many students fear exams. Fear leads to confusion. You may get to the exam room prepared but end up writing the wrong answers due to confusion. If you are a student and you want to pass in college, get rid of fear as it is an enemy to great performance.

Lack of confidence

Many students in college lack high self-esteem. They have answers but they are not confident enough to present the answers. They know something but they fear to say it. 

Missing classes

Some students do not attend all the classes. Your instructor will not repeat what they taught in the last lecture. If you copy your friend’s notes you may not understand or even, they may have written the wrong things. Due to this, they end up writing wrong things in the exams which fail.

Poor management of time

Some students do not know how to manage their time properly. They waste a lot of time at the beginning of a certain study period and rush when exam time is almost. To pass your exams ensure you have a study timetable and plan your time properly.

  1. Poor foundation

Foundation laid at the beginning of each course matters to students. Students may get lost in the middle of the concept. Others may forget things that were taught earlier in the semester and remember newly taught ones.

Tips to pass your college exams

  1. Choose courses wisely

Chose courses wisely. Do not select a course out of peer influence. Take your time and analyze courses that you are interested in. Studying a course you are not interested in is boring and will lead to failure.

  1. Clear your doubts early

Do not accumulate doubts on any subject. Ask your lecturer questions anywhere you feel you do not understand.

  1. Avoid panicking

Try to be as sober as you can during exam time. If you panic, you will get confused and end up failing in questions you know the answers to.

  1. Attend classes unless you have an emergency

Ensure you do not miss out on any class. Attend classes and try to be attentive to grasp everything taught.

  1. Be confident 

Do not be nervous. Gather enough confidence before getting into the exam room.

  1. Develop a study plan

Create a good study plan. This will help reduce procrastination which fails.

To wrap up

The above points show the reasons what students fail in college. There may be some other factors but these are the most common ones. Read them well and try to adapt the best strategies to pass your college exams.


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