If you’re a gamer, you probably already know about “gaming zones.” They’re establishments dedicated to gaming. If not, then they’re places for gamers like you and me to go and play video games. You can either bring your own or rent one from the establishment. So here are several reasons why playing games in a game zone is worth your time:

1. You can play a variety of games

You’ll find all the popular games at game zones. Games like DOTA, CS: GO, GOW, and many more are available at most game zones. More than that, you can also explore games that sparked your interest but don’t have enough money to buy/play them yet.

2. They offer rentals for video games

A game zone in Bangalore often provides a setup with old-school consoles so you can play some retro gaming as well! If one of your friends has an awesome gaming PC or console you’d love to try out, renting it is a possibility too – just ask the staff there.

3. They’re self-sufficient

Since gamers go to these places alone or in small groups, game zones can manage independently. This means they do not depend on the “regular” crowd to make sales like restaurants and other cafes.

4. They usually have a fixed schedule

Some places are open 24 hours, but most are open from 12 p.m – 10 p.m or something similar. A fixed schedule makes it easy for gamers to plan their meet-ups there without any hassle.

5. No one will stop you from gaming

Gaming is considered a legitimate activity at these places, which means you can focus more on your games than making sure everyone around you is okay with it. There’s also no fear of being caught by parents/relatives when playing late-night games.

6. They often offer discount

Since a game zone in Bangalore doesn’t offer anything else aside from video games, the establishment will try to profit by offering rent discounts. It’s not uncommon to find coupons floating around either, which you can use for great deals.

7. You get official/certified demos of new games

Some places allow you to play demos of newly released games. This is a huge advantage if you’re looking forward to playing the soon-to-be-released game but can’t afford it yet or don’t want to pay too much.

8. You’ll be able to meet new people

These days gaming communities are getting bigger, and there are plenty of websites dedicated solely to gamers like us. Being close to each other allows us to meet new people.

9. They often have tournaments

Most game zones host several types of gaming tournaments for various games on different days of the week. This is a good way to get more familiar with your fellow gamers and challenge them to improve their skills.

10. You can find out about gaming-related news here

Game zones are a place where you can hone your video gaming skills and a place to hear about upcoming releases or updates, especially if there’s an event going on, in which case you might even win some free stuff.


There are many other reasons why getting to a game zone is worth your time, but these are the most obvious ones. So next time you feel like gaming or just want someplace to hang out with your gamer friends, head on over to a game zone. It’s one of the best places for gamers in Bangalore.