Every company or brand putting out their product for sale requires packaging. This requirement can be fulfilled by using different packing materials and boxes. These boxes can be made by different materials like Krafts board or Bux board but the one readily available, cost-friendly, recyclable, customizable, and the most packaging is cardboard. Cardboard boxes have been very successful over the years because of their many characteristics. These characteristics are its durability, flexibility, environment resistance, and shockproof nature.

Variety of Cardboard boxes:

The term cardboard is used for a wide variety of hardboards including paperboard, containerboard, Folding boxboard, Solid bleached board, solid unbleached board, and white lined chipboard.

  • Paperboard:

Paperboard is usually a hard paper-based hard material with a small thickness. It is relatively less durable than other hardboard varieties. Cardboard boxes made of paperboard are used for the flexible packaging of different products. The Paper board is a simple board-like configuration of paper-based cardboard material.

  • Containerboard:

Containerboard is a paperboard that is used to make the corrugated board. It is used to make both the linerboards( upward and downward straight boards) and the fluted part( corrugated medium).  It is made of wood pulp that is responsible for its brown appearance. The brown/khaki appearing Cardboard boxes are quite economic and cost-friendly. Containerboard cardboard storage boxes are used in shipping and cargo as they reduce the shock and keeping the items stored safely. Containerboard boxes are the most commonly used shipping boxes.

  • Folding boxboard:

Folding boxboard boxes are made by sandwiching a layer of mechanical pulp between two layers of chemical pulp with the top layer bleached. This is a hard variety of cardboard. Folding boxboard cardboard boxes are fit for graphical printing. It is used for packaging of cosmetic products, frozen items, pharmaceutical packagings, and cigarette boxes.

  • Solid Bleached board:

It is a chemical pulp paperboard with no taste and smell. Solid bleached board boxes are suitable for the graphical printing of images and logos as it is perfectly white from inside and outside. Cardboard boxes of this type are fit for the storage of aroma sensitive products like chocolates, cigars and, cosmetics.

  • Solid unbleached board:

Solid unbleached board boxes are made from unbleached chemical pulp with two or three layers of pigment( synthetic or mineral). These cardboard boxes are usually used for frozen items, shoes, detergents and, cereal boxes. These boxes are relatively price-friendly than their bleached counterparts.

  • White-lined chipboard:

White-lined chipboard boxes are made from recycled paper and waste fibers. There are usually two to three coatings on both sides. These are grey in color from inside because of the recycled material. These boxes are eco-friendly as they are made from recycled materials. These boxes are usually used in the same way as the solid unbleached boxes. Just like Solid Unbleached board boxes, these are used for shoe-box making, frozen items, and similar other things. White-lined chipboard boxes are not very suitable for contact with food material according to the health standards.

This variety gives you a lot of options to choose from. You can choose the cardboard box packaging variety which suits your product and also suits you for its cost.

Custom Cardboard Boxes:

You can have your custom cardboard boxes with your logo printed over them. A logo is a must in the current market to introduce your product. A custom cardboard box with your logo, images of your product, product description, and any other printing of your choice. Custom cardboard boxes can make your product more appealing. A better-looking product is a better-selling one usually. So, custom cardboard boxes for sale are healthy for your product.

Cardboard boxes for Shipping and Cargo:

Cardboard boxes have been very successful in the shipping and cargo industry. The First plus is corrugated shockproof structure and the second plus is their low cost. These two things make them perfect for use for shipping. Cardboard boxes are durable yet flexible that makes them suitable to use them for making a variety of boxes like bookend boxes, double wall tuck front boxes, confectionary boxes, and many others.


Most of the varieties of cardboard are recyclable and reusable. And a lot of cardboard is made from paper waste which makes it a green material. The varieties with bleached ends are usually hard to recycle other varieties are recyclable thus green. So, by using cardboard boxes for packaging, you are not just selling your product but also doing a favor to the planet.

The content above shows how much cardboard boxes are used and liked by people for their all-purpose nature.