Considering the surge in the popularity of CBD products one can easily decipher that CBD culture is here to stay. Owing to the multitude of health benefits and therapeutic potential that CBD possesses, the fame gained by this extract of the hemp plant is justifiable. 

The CBD industry in Canada is growing by leaps and bounds and there is a new product dropping in the market almost every day to cater to the increasing demand. According to Canadian law, CBD products with 0.3 percent THC are legal to be bought and sold and the products that you encounter in stores or online have very little THC, saving you from the intoxicating effects of this compound. However, it is always a good idea to read the product label before you add a CBD product to your bucket! 

CBD products can be found almost everywhere, that is from a supermarket to dispensaries, your local brick and mortar store, or the web. While there is a sea of options for CBD products to choose from both in stores and online but logically, online stores have more variety to offer. Online stores like Field Queen can help you get your CBD needs filled.

If you are confused about whether to buy products from a CBD shop near you or from online stores then fret no further because we have discussed both options for you, helping you make the right decision for yourself. 

Comparing buying CBD online vs buying from shops near you

When you buy CBD online you are dealing directly with the manufacturer that has its own perks. Whereas shopping from a local store can seem a comfortable option to many since it brings the satisfaction that comes from holding the product in your hand and analyzing it. However, there are so many benefits that come with buying CBD online so without further ado let’s get to them and compare how it’s wiser to shop CBD through the web. 

  1. Shopping CBD online is super convenient 

Well, who will contradict this statement? Considering the fast-paced world that we live in today, multi-tasking all the time, it seems nearly impossible sometimes to make time to fetch CBD products from a store near you. Hence, online CBD stores come to your rescue providing you the top-notch brands that are just a click away. 

Moreover, online stores for CBD products do not have any closing hours as they facilitate you round the clock making it feasible for anyone to order their products at any time of the day. Now isn’t it great?

  1. Access to an extensive range of products 

This is an added bonus of shopping for CBD online that you have an unlimited range of products to choose from and not all of these can fit on the shelves of your local store. With so much to choose from you get to select products under your budget and according to your preferences. You can avail the best deals online and find your favorite brand that might be out of stock in your local store. 

  1. It is easier to get information about the CBD product

It is imperative to do your research before buying any CBD product since many brands do not offer good quality, organic hemp products. When buying CBD online you can easily look into the brand’s third-party lab results that are usually displayed on the website which will provide you with the proof that the brand deals with organic and high-quality hemp. 

Moreover, you can easily read reviews of customers on the website providing you with an insight into the brand’s customer services and product quality making the process smoother. 

  1. Buying CBD online can save you money 

Online stores offer good value for money which isn’t quite the case in the local store near you. If you are a regular buyer at an online store there is a chance you might get an additional discount on your purchase making your shopping experience all the more pleasant because who doesn’t like saving some money. 

Moreover, deals are going on all year round on one brand or the other online that can help you avail a premium CBD product at a very less price and you’re unlikely to come across such deals in your local store. 

  1. Online CBD shopping is discreet 

Perhaps the most sought-after reason for using the online CBD market could be that it offers you privacy which sadly is not the case with the bricks and mortar stores near your vicinity. Even though there’s nothing to hide about using a CBD product, there are still taboos attached to its use among people who aren’t fully aware of the medicinal benefits of CBD. It’s safe to get your parcel delivered to your doorstep helping you avoid bumping into an acquaintance at a local store!