Canada is the second-largest country in the world, having an area of 3.85 million square miles. People usually think of Canada as large peaks and extensive glacial landscapes only, but there is a lot more about this country. With a massive volume of the area, Canada has no shortage of beautiful sites for travelers to explore.

No matter from which country you belong and what language you speak, you will find a company in Canada for sure due to its vast diversity. It attracts thousands of tourists and travelers all around the world every year due to its beautiful natural landscape and Heritage sites. We have scoured a list of interesting facts and information, which will be a boon for you to add Canada to your bucket list for sure.

Toronto City

Canada has many modern and multicultural cities with their heritage and distinct personality. Toronto City is the capital of the province of Ontario and the largest City of Canada with a diverse population. Toronto has got a lot of things to offer in terms of activities and culture due to its diversity. Due to the famous and well-known public places and eye-catchy architectural buildings in this City, you are not going to be bored.

Toronto is a skyscraper downtown city and is home for CN tower. CN Tower, once tallest in the world, is 1815 meters high. On the other hand, Royal Ontario Museum, located in Toronto, well known for its art and culture, is one of the largest museums in North America, and more than one million visitors explore it every year.

Natural Wonders-Niagara Falls

Only a few countries can compete with Canada in the list of natural wonders. Having the most extensive coastline than any other country, Canada is a diverse landscape full of surprises having large mountain ranges, more than three thousand lakes, as like Mansar lake, natural forests, arctic lands, and even a small area of desert.

The most famous natural wonder of Canada is Niagara Falls, which comprises three different falls:  the American Falls, The Horseshoe, and the Bridal Veil Falls. With greater than six million cubic feet of water dropping over its peak every minute, Niagara Falls has the uppermost flow rate of any other waterfall in the world. The other major tourist attraction and UNESCO world heritage sites include Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Canadian Rocky Mountain parks (comprised of seven contagious parks), and Nahanni National Park Reserves.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver has got the title “best place to live in the world” many times. The west coast city brags a buzzy cultural life, ethnologically miscellaneous restaurants, and a cosmopolitan inhabitant.

If you are tired or need some peace, Vancouver Island has got two spectacular and less-crowded beaches named Tofino and Ucluelet, where you can relax on. After getting rest and restoring energy, you can go hiking as Vancouver Island has many mountainous places for you to start exploring.

Outdoor activities

Canada’s population, as compared to its spread area, is very insignificant. This can be illustrated in a better way with the fact that the United States has nine times more population than Canada, even on a smaller landmass. Canada has extensive unpopulated land that provides visitors room to roam.

One of the most acceptable reasons to travel Canada is to take benefit of the marvelous outdoors, and there’s a whole list of it. You will find immense pleasure whether you are a traveler, hiker, or nature lover. The most popular outdoor activities in Canada include snowboarding, camping, fishing, skiing mountain hiking, golfing, hiking, and mountain biking.

Events and Festivals

Every country has its own distinct and unique traditions depending upon the history and diversity of that area. When it comes to events and festivals, Canadian citizens know how to put on a party. Some festivals and events occurred on the national level as well as the regional level throughout the year. Many festivals are associated with the seasons, especially in Winter, to make the citizens busy.

One of the most famous events in Canada is known as the Celebration of Light. This event occurs every year in Vancouver, and it is the largest firework competition in the world. Other well-known events and festivals include Toronto International film festival, Canadian Tulip Festival, and Calgary stamped.

All Season Charm

Canada is generally associated with cold weather and snow, and many Canadians prefer leaving the country for warmer climates in Winter. Still, at the same time, the skies and other winter lovers are pouring in from all around the world. In summer, temperatures can increase to 35°C and higher. In Winter, temperature as low as -25°C like Katra and is not uncommon, but these temperature ranges vary widely along the coastline due to the larger area.

Winter season is generally cold due to snowing, but in that modern world, it’s not a problem due to heating systems in houses, infrastructures, cars, and public transport systems. Some Cities also have heated closed walkways leading to schools and workplaces. Summer season is hot and dry, while the Autumn season is relatively cold and brightened by red tree leaves.

Canada’s French Heritage

Although People prefer to speak in English, Canada is officially bilingual with French and English its national languages. In different provinces like Ontario and Maritime, Canada has got French culture as its prominent part.

The City famous in Canada for French Heritage is Quebec City, and it gives entirely European feel due to its French heritage and architectural buildings. Quebec City was settled in the early 17th century by French People, and its distinct history makes it an attractive destination for tourists.

Bottom Line

Putting in a Nutshell, if you are planning to spend some free time with your family or want some rest from your hectic life routine, then visiting Canada is a good option. It is much affordable as compared with many other European countries.

It is also preferable to become a permanent resident of Canada. The life out there is spotless, and the government is very much cooperative by all means to its immigrants.