Have you ever dreamed of becoming a movie producer? The first step to accomplish your dream is indeed to download the Windows freeware, the Movie Maker.

It is straightforward and doesn’t take you to complex and endless technical layouts that, in reality, kill a budding artist’s dream. Unlike other products that carry a host of features, you will find that Windows movie maker is the best even if you climb the ladders of becoming a professional.

Movie making isn’t all about features, although they count if you were to go for very high professional staff. Yet when it comes to simple movies for downloading on social media sites or larger movies where high-end actions are not needed, you can download the software right here at Topwin-Movie-Maker.com to make the most out of Windows original packs.

Downloading Movie Maker is Simple

It is fast and straightforward to download the Movie Maker as it is designed to work on Windows laptops and desktops. It will not work for Mac, and after downloading the same on to your PC, you will need to install it on your computer.

Here, a single installer does the trick, and you will find much to your amazement that there aren’t any complexities while you do this. It is because your Windows software already has this in its package of ‘Essentials’ that comes with it. To watch movies for free you can visit Uwatchfree movies and watch or download.

Further, Windows doesn’t support the movie maker anymore, and it still can be downloaded with as much ease and speed by doing so from an authentic site like above.

It would help if you were careful, as many online sites are hazardous when downloading apps. Read about kuttymovies & Movierulz.vpn

The installer opens the apps on your PC, and you are given the option to choose only those you want and remove the rest. The installer guides you through the installation process, and after completing the instruction, you can begin to edit.

Start Editing Your Short or Long Movies

Windows Movie Maker is compatible with several Windows formats. It is pretty powerful and delights you when editing. It is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The older version of movie maker works well for Windows XP and Vista.

There is also another feature, and this is new effects and transitions too are possible, and you can modify the existing ones by using XML code. Since it is an audio track editing program, you can apply it to your movie video. The audio tracks are easily exported in the form of a sound file than as a video file.

Users who have downloaded the Windows Movie Maker would find that the layout has a Storyboard view and Timeline view. Apart from these, they will find collections for organizing imported videos and also a preview pane. In the Storyboard view, users will find a film strip showing each scene in clips.

Images are usually imported into the timeline and stretched to get any number of frames as users need. Individual items are then segregated for editing purposes.

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