Online websites have a lot of fake news sites that are irrelevant to post the current news, and even lack credibility as well. Reviews will check any of the sites with political statements. Most media outlets in the United States are susceptible to domain cracking and domain deception.

It is only suitable for users to get authentic news from the trusted site when they publish disinformation. Read about a site that may be under the radar below!

What is

A news site called realrawnews from the United States is hosted on WordPress to educate the public about the current world. It is an independent publisher researching content that is most often pulled out by the mainstream media.

What is the purpose of the website as in Reviews?

This is a recently launched real rawness website and runs anonymously to write significant biased conspiracy news that is often fake. After seeing the page, Real Raw News claims to be an award-winning, self-managing publisher dedicated to portraying political and scientific fraud taking place in the world. They even claim to be “apolitical”.

What kind of content does real rawness publish?

Real Raw News distributes compiled news articles, often with loaded emotional titles. They also demand to be apolitical, and there is not a single article that does not agree in terms of the far right. A lot of news is not valid, and they have not been found at all. Several reviews indicated that it is being affected, and it can be understood that this could likely be a satire site. In general, all stories choose the right and promote conspiracy theories. Even the relatively new ones, they haven’t even done the fact check properly before.

Is the realrawnews site legit?

The website only started in 2020, but hasn’t built any credibility yet. It appears that fake news sites are aimed at entertaining readers with a biased view of the important news.

Not many people took to the mainstream media and switched to social media as a news story that was featured in Reviews. Their news and every article lacks the trusted source and even transparency. No post has a byline or owners. Real Raw News does not disclose ownership, and even their winnings are received through donations to an email address.

What do readers say about the real rawness?

The realrawnews has little traffic and the online presence of this news site is nil. Not many people support their propaganda and the news that has no authenticity. Readers don’t trust the site and its content.

Final Verdict by Reviews:

Overall, these reviews found Real Raw News to be a biased and unsatisfactory news site. It promotes the far right and posts conspiracy arguments and propaganda. The writing is not of excellent quality and has resulted in the miserable sourcing, a total lack of transparency and the spreading of fake news.