Brighton and Bayside are perhaps one of the greatest places to live in Australia. Known for its luxury living, there are several reasons why a lot of people love to own homes in and around the area. The median price for a good home in Brighton specifically is about $2,850,00 as of January 2021. A 16.90% change in the median Price has been observed as compared to last year.

Why Do People Love Living In Brighton And Bayside?

Who Does Not Love A Good Old Beach? 

For Bayside residents, you get to enjoy 17 kilometres worth of beachfront to relax, sunbathe and indulge in water sports. This is ideal for beach lovers and people who love to connect with nature. Brighton residents get access to wonderful beaches, like the Dendy Street beach which is very famous for its Victorian beach huts or bathing boxes. This is perhaps one of the main points of attraction that a luxury real estate agent in Brighton might use to entice people to purchase a home.

Access To Good Education

There are tons of universities in and around Bayside and Brighton that provide excellent programs for students. Universities such as Kilbreda College, Mentone Grammar, Brighton grammar school, Mentone girl’s grammar school, etc are quite famous are located in the Bayside suburbs due to which this is an excellent spot for families.

Fitness And Fun

Who would not love to have access to all sorts of amenities that can help build good health and have fun? A variety of choices right from gyms, cinemas, shopping, playgrounds, Golf courses, parks is available to the public. Having access to such amenities is what additionally makes people want to be residents in the area.

Simple And Luxurious Homes

Bayside is home to beautiful architecture. Known for its Edwardian and Victorian-style homes, residents cannot resist wanting to purchase a property around here. It is a paradise of choice for home hunters and Brighton real estate agentsYou will find homes of different sizes, styles, and even shapes if that is what you are into. 

While you will find simple homes too, the area is a hub of luxury and style due to which you will find this to be a place to several celebrities too. You will find that high-end real estate agents in Brighton will mention this as they pitch homes to clients. After all who would not want to live right next to a celebrity.

Restaurants And Nightlife

There will always be one-stop available to fulfil your food cravings in Bayside and Brighton. Some of the most recognised and popular joints are ‘Port of Call’ and ‘The Baths’. 

There is no way that you will not be able to satisfy your taste buds if you are in the area. There is something for everything available here.

Notable Real Estate Trends In Brighton & Bayside House Prices

Brighton currently is known to have over 111 properties that are available to rent. If you are looking to purchase properties, a total of 179 are currently available as of the 6th of December 2021. The median property prices from now to the previous year, fall under a range from $3,205,000 for houses to $1,056,000 for units. 

A compound growth rate of 5.1% has been seen for houses in the past 5 years. As for units, a 2.1% compound growth rate has been seen. This is based on the last five years of sales.

What Are The Current Prices Of Homes In Brighton And Bayside?

If You Are Looking To Buy:

Based on the kind of home you choose, the price ranges from $2,150,000 to $3,750,000. For example, a 2-bedroom house would cost you $2,150,000. A 3-bedroom home would cost you $2,395,000 and a 4-bedroom home would cost you $3,750,000.

Units, on the other hand, range from $472,500 to $1,873,750. A 1-bedroom unit being the former and a 3-bedroom unit being the latter. A 2-bedroom unit would cost you about $900,000.

If You Are Looking To Rent:

The cost of renting a house ranges from $620 to $1,310 per week. A basic 2 bedroom home falling under the former price and a 4-bedroom home being the latter price. A 3-bedroom home would cost you about $900 per week.

Renting a unit would bring down your costs pretty well. A 1-bedroom unit rents out for $370 per week, a 2-bedroom unit would rent out for $545 per week and a 3-bedroom unit would cost you $850.

As of 2021, Brighton has been at the receiving end of positive attention from a lot of potential clients. A minimum of 585 visits per property is seen. Which is quite an impressive number.

Significant changes

It was noticed back in August 2021, that there was quite a sudden spike in the pricing of coastal properties. This was mainly due to the pandemic. A lot of people, with the hope of moving away from Covid and staying as far away from it as possible, a lot of families had decided to move towards coastal properties. Brighton East had seen a 16.1 per cent raise to a median above $200,000.However, now with life coming back to normal, so will house prices.

Brighton and Bayside are known to be quite a well-established area that is home to mainly older couples and their kids. Younger families along with long-term residents living solo also live in the area. A great mix of all three is seen and if you are looking for luxury, then Brighton and Bayside is your answer. 

Most families and residents of the area are loyal and long-term residents, so if you love to be in and around an area that loves tradition and brings about a family-like feeling, then there is no place better than here. This especially comes in handy if you live far away from family and tend to get homesick. Additionally, this is a haven for people who wish to spend their retirement days luxuriously.