Today, ready-made companies for sale are a relevant and popular variant. If you decide that it is more profitable for you to buy a company than to register a new one, contact the specialists; we recommend that you weigh everything and contact the experts in this matter. You can significantly save your own money and effort. Below we will try to consider some of the nuances related to this aspect.

Before buying a business, you must decide for yourself what kind of business you need. You can buy an LLC with or without VAT, as well as a company with no turnover or with a history, but at the moment without actual activity. The value of the company is affected by the presence of operations, licenses and other factors. When choosing an organization, experts recommend considering criteria, which are discussed below.

  1. Place of registration. Most often, future owners select jurisdiction based on personal preferences.
  2. Name. Names that emphasize the main activity of the enterprise are especially popular. In any case, the name can be changed.
  3. Submission of reports (for enterprises that have a history). As a rule, companies for sale do not carry out any activity, therefore they submit zero reports. If the company has turnover, then the help of an auditor is needed to establish the real liquidity of organization.
  4. Permission terms. This applies to licensed organizations. Be sure to check the validity period of the license and its supplements before purchasing.

Buying a business on your own is a complex process and sometimes even dangerous. This question has many subtleties that you need to know in order not to fall into the hands of scammers, so it is better to trust experienced professionals.

Benefits of buying and selling a ready-made company

  1. Minimization of time spent on opening/closing a company (on average, buying/selling takes no more than 48 hours).
  2. At the time of purchase, there are all the necessary documents, enterprise is already approved with government agencies, there is a current account (may not be).
  3. The possibility of doing business immediately after the transaction.
  4. The presence of a history: as a rule, ready-made firms do not conduct economic activities, while the owners submit zero reporting, as a result of which you acquire an organization with clean reputation.
  5. Choice: firms with or without VAT, ready-made organizations with or without a current account.

The purchase of an enterprise is relevant in a limited period. For example, it is possible to conclude a lucrative contract with a partner, but you do not have your own company, there is no time to open it and obtain a license. At the same time, along with the purchase of the company, you will receive all certificates, licenses, permits, as well as the client base (if any).

Ready-made firms’ sales take place all over the world. This is a very common practice in the global economy. After all, there is no need to invent a bicycle when it has already been created. Moreover, there is a sale of companies with turnovers, which will make it possible to make a profit in the shortest possible time without wasting time on creating these turnovers.

But it is also necessary to take into account the fact that in the matter of selling a ready-made LLC, you should be careful, first of all, for the buyer, since you can get into an unscrupulous seller and buy organization that exists only on paper, that is, a fictitious one. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to contact specialists.