Want to earn robux in five minutes? Yes, you heard right. Rbxmagic claims to offer its users free robux in just five minutes. But is this really true or just a trap like another scam site?

Teenagers all over the world are very excited knowing they can earn a free robux in a very short time and with little effort, and there are many sites out there claiming to offer free Robux and gamers falling victim to them.

This online platform has been gaining ground since it claimed to launch an offer to deliver free robux in less time.

This article will help you learn more about this site and whether it is safe to use this platform or not.

What is Rbxmagic Com?

It is an online platform that claims to be offering free robux to its users instantly within minutes. All you need to do is complete the tasks available on this page.

According to the website, after completing the tasks, it will immediately provide you with free robux on your Roblox game account. All its details are available after entering the website.

However, we would like to advise our viewers to quickly check the robux earning information before attempting any task available on the site.

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Can I really earn Robux?

Rbxmagic comis claims to provide its users with an easy way to get a free robux in five minutes. It gives its users certain tasks to earn free digital currency through its online platform.

You have to take part in tasks and surveys. This site claims that its tasks are easy to accomplish and that users will enjoy participating and carrying them out.

Tasks take the form of videos you must watch, surveys you must participate in, downloads of the offered application and much more. But we’re not sure if you are actually getting roblux as it doesn’t look like a legit site.

Is it safe to earn free Robux instantly with RBX Magic?

Rbxmagic com offers an easy way to get free robux for Roblox players. According to the website, the robux earned goes directly to the Roblox players’ accounts.

Users have to complete tasks to get free robux. Survey tasks contain forms that users must complete. Hackers can misuse information provided by the user.

Additionally, it may lead to your account and the information it contains being hacked. Therefore, it is not safe to try to get a free robux that promises instant virtual currency.


The company Rbxmagic com introduced the immediate sharing of a free robux with participation in surveys, watching available videos, downloading applications and many other tasks.

In addition, you can comment and like your username for a chance to win a virtual currency worth $ 1000.

You can also follow them to find out about event releases and receiving promotional codes. However, the entrusted tasks can be a trap for obtaining personal data.

We advise you to stay away from sites that ask you to perform any tasks to get your free robux.

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