The latest news about the missing boy is available online. You can find the latest news about the missing boy Canada on the internet. People are worried about this boy’s safety, and so they share his image on the internet. Do you have information about the child?

Twitter’s post has gone viral. Raven Graham was used as the name searchability, instead of Draven Graham. Let’s learn more about Raven Graham and the missing report.

What’s the news about ?

You may have seen the picture of an 11-year-old boy posted widely on the internet. The same boy is featured in the news story we are discussing. Draven was an eleven-year-old boy who disappeared in June 2012.

Draven is being misunderstood to be Raven, as the trending news about the missing boy has seen it become a popular meme. Kawartha lakes police station is currently registering Draven, the boy missing from his report. The boy is autistic and police are asking the community for help to find him.

Raven Graham information is missing:

A 11-year-old boy wears jogging pant and a blue tshirt. He stands at 4 feet 10 inches tall and has brown hair. The police asked Lindsay residents to inspect their property and find the boy if they see him.

Police shared information on KawarthaLakes’ police, official Facebook account, KawarthaLakes missing people Canada page, and Instagram using hashtags Lindsay, # Ontario and #missingperson.

Where was the kid last seen and when?

The kid was last seen in Lindsay at 3 p.m. June 12, on Queen Street. When Raven Graham was suspected,police took swift action. They used social media for assistance at around 2 a.m. in June 13.

Police reminded Lindsay residents of Draven’s presence and asked motorists to keep clear of Rivera Park in order to create a safe area for an emergency service to assist with the search.

Another tweet was sent with the image of the child, asking for corporate participation. It was shared at approximately 4:30 a.m.

Expect heavy police presence at search areas like Queen St. Caroline’s and St Colborne. The family and police are concerned that Raven Graham is missing. They want him to be safe.

What is the latest update?

Police have confirmed that they will continue to search the area for kids using various methods, including helicopters, drones, foot and boat. In addition, the Ontario Volunteer emergency response team has been confirmed to have joined the search group. The search continued all night.


Lindsay resident’s child went missing nearly 24 hours ago. Police are currently searching for Raven Graham, 11, missing from Queen Street. Anyone who has found him can contact police at 705-325-52522.

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