In these modern days, cybercrime has increased by over 600%. However, hackers are destroying IT businesses. Therefore, if a company wants to protect their business they need to use cyber attack protection. In the past days, companies used outdated traditional methods for businesses. Therefore, many companies are using advanced security protocols to secure their business. Ransomware is a very common attack that can easily damage your system internally. The only solution to this attack is to either pay the ransom amount or perform ransomware recovery.

Federal department agrees on performing recovery to recover stolen data. Companies can use modern and advanced security protocols to improve their protection for the business. However, to get the best results from these tools. They need to be part of an overarching enterprise security architecture framework that helps to define what all of these measures are, the details regarding their uses, and how to integrate changes in the future so your organization has a solid and consistent security architecture design.

Why Ransomware Recovery Is Important?

Like I said above, many cyberattacks are happening in the world and we need advanced security protocols to protect our business. Ransomware is one of the deadly attacks that can easily make your system a prisoner. It usually works like a virus in a system that corrupts your business files. It simply takes access to files and in return, it asks for a ransom amount. So basically to get back the files we need to perform a recovery process that is not very time-consuming and easy. Therefore, To protect these files we need to make sure our security protocols are updated.

Enterprise Security Architecture

It is a framework or set of security principles that can make any business secure. These principles can keep you safe from cyber threats. It is simply based on your business requirement. Therefore, different businesses require different security architecture. It represents a design on how you can save your organization. If a business has the right tools and resources it can easily protect your business. For Example; IT businesses require more advanced security architecture. Some companies are dealing with public data and they require advanced security protocols so they could not lose valuable customers.

Phases of Security Architecture

There are four phases of the security architecture that are mentioned below;

Risk Assessment

It is an initial stage in which a company evaluates the potential risk of an attack. This phase is very important because it simply provides you with information on how big the impact of the attack will be. It is a very essential stage because if you don’t know where to find then how would you know where to start?


It is a second phase that is very important for the business because every business requires a design to implement the architecture. This phase simply provides a roadmap to businesses so they can implement a better security architecture.


It is a third phase in which we implement a security service for the business. It is a very important phase. This phase works in a hierarchy with the planning and designing phase. If your planning and designing are according to your business requirement then your implementation will work perfectly. Enterprise security architecture needs to be perfect against cyber threats.


This is the final and very important stage in which we monitor the framework. It is very important to monitor the security framework because your business depends on this framework. We need to supervise and handle the operational state in addition to the depth of system security. This concluding phase is just as important as the previous three and ensures continuous security measures are in place and appropriately monitored.

Examples of Security Frameworks

Many companies are using different kinds of frameworks. A company’s security architecture framework should be customized according to business. Therefore, you can utilize it to some degree to address your specific objectives. The most common framework includes;


The open group architecture framework is a set of principles. That determines what kind of problem businesses are facing. It focuses on the problem-finding phase of security architecture. However, it does not give a specific solution on how to address security problems.


SABSA stands for Sherwood applied business security architecture. It is a policy-driven framework that helps in defining key questions. These questions are then answered by security architecture.

Final Thoughts

Many companies are dealing with sensitive data. If you want to secure your data you can use cyber attack protection services. Ransomware is a deadly cyber threat to many businesses. The only solution is to perform ransomware recovery.