Everyone who wants to start their own coffee roasting business, stands in front of the choice of the best coffee roaster machine. It can be quite difficult because of many fabulous models available on the internet. Are you picking your new coffee roaster? Rankings would be a good start. Read our ranking below of the 5 best coffee roasters for sale.

5. Cube Coffee Roaster G300


Cube Coffee Roaster G300 is a great alternative to a full-sized coffee roasting machine. This is one of the best choices, if you don’t want to roast large quantities of coffee per week. It can be used whether in a small coffee shop, or at home. The maximum capacity is 500g, but it is recommended to roast 300-400g at once, which is perfect for samples. Even though this model is small, its heat source is gas. You can expect stable roast and unique roast profiles. Besides, this coffee roasting machine is intuitive to use, and easy to clean. It is also recommended for beginners who have never experienced coffee roasting before.


Danish design and Taiwanese precision equal Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2. This is not only a great-looking machine, but it offers a lot of useful features and smart functions. This is an electrical coffee roaster, which doesn’t require any kind of fuel. It only consumes 1500W with the maximum batch capacity of 1000g. If you want to invest in a compact and electrical machine, this is the best choice for you. You will love the Aillio’s system, which allows you to save your favorite roast profiles. The Artisan software is easy to use. You can use it as a regular coffee roaster machine in your coffee shop as a sampler, or use it at home.

3. Coffee Roaster CMS-6

If you run a coffee shop or a small coffee roastery, this machine should wake your interests. This is a standard, fuel type machine with the maximum batch capacity of 6kg. It gives you the hourly output of 25kg. A great advantage of this coffee roaster machine is definitely its price. In comparison to other same-sized machines, you can save a few thousands of euros by choosing the CMS-6 model. You can create fantastic roast profiles thanks to the four independent motors, double wall drum, and easily customizable airflow and temperature settings. The control panel makes no trouble in use at all – everything is clearly visible.

2. Stronghold S7 Pro

This is one of the best and the most technologically advanced electrical coffee roaster that you can find. Even though the maximum bean input weight is 850g, you can create your own aromatic blends. The unique Triple Heat System makes the roasting process very stable every time you use the machine. It also provides the same results because you can save your previous roast profiles and then repeat them, whenever you need it. During each roast, Stronghold S7 Pro measures heat changes, airflow speed etc. to make sure that the coffee beans won’t burn.

1. Genio 6kg Coffee Roaster

The best coffee roaster machine on this list is Genio 6kg Coffee Roaster. This machine is designed for beginners and for experienced coffee roasters who want to invest in high-quality equipment. You will surely appreciate every single detail that this machine offers. Once you create your perfect roast profile, you can replicate it next time. You can control the airflow speed, temperature. Genio is popular among many professionals around the world because it is reliable and makes only robust products.

All of these coffee roasters for sale represent top-class quality, and they are designed for different needs. Coffee roaster rankings are made to help you with choosing the right machine, and we hope that our list did help you.

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