Do you want to buy an appliance or electrical articles online? Ideally, you should check the Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce Reviews before dealing with them.

The American online shopping platform claims to provide the best products available. It provides its customers with many branded products.

They also want to know if Randalls Bean sells genuine products or not. And even if they provide products or it’s a way to get money.

Checking complete information about Randalls Bean before dealing with it will help you avoid falling into the trap if it is a bogus website.

Find complete information in this article.

What is Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce?

Randalls Bean is an online store located in the United States. .

However, to gather more information be sure to see Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce reviews.

It claims that its products are not refurbished and that all items available on its website are brand new.

The company also claims to provide guarantees for its products in the US and is always in stock. Provides its customers with free shipping in all US states.

However, it does not provide an extended warranty on its products, and its products are also cheaper due to the reduced rate for new customers.

Read on to find out if it’s a legit website or a scam.

Before tackling this online platform, however, many viewers will have the question in their minds: Is Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce Legit or a Scam.

Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce Specifications:

• Website URL:

• Website type: online electronics store

• Contact number: Not available

• E-mail ID:

• Address: 5929 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142, USA

• Return & Exchange Policy: Available within thirty days for a full refund

• SSL certificate: yes

Advantages of Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce:

• Lots of branded electronic components available.

• Discounts are available for new customers.

• Provides thirty days for a full refund.

Disadvantages of Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce:

• Products cannot be returned once opened.

• Many customers have complained about the online platform.

• Does not contain authentic information on the Internet.

• Does not provide an extended warranty for its products.

• Received low ratings.

Is Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce legal?

You have to go through this before purchasing the devices through the Randalls Bean online purchasing platform.

Randalls Bean, an online store that claims to provide top quality products to its customers, has received many complaints.

It also has low ratings on many online platforms. It has proven to be a dubious website and not a trustworthy online shopping platform.

There is no information regarding the age of the Randalls Bean domain or its registration date. Besides, Randalls Bean doesn’t appear on any social media platforms.

We came to the conclusion that this is not a legal platform. Please stay away from buying its products.

Therefore, we advise you to read the complete information about Randalls Bean before you decide to purchase any device through their website.

Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce Reviews:

During our exploration, we found a lot of negative reviews about Randalls Bean. Many customers complain that they are not delivering products.

The delivered products are of poor quality. All people notice that her website is poorly designed, most likely a FAQ page.

Customers mention that it shows the availability of those products that are not available on any reputable shopping platform.

It turned out to be not an authentic online shopping platform.

Final Verdict:

Randalls Bean has to do with a lot of devices they have selected from a variety of brands. It claims to deliver top quality products from reputable brands.

Popular brands with available products include NBA, Noble House, Samsung, Sauder, Simpli Home, Sony, Viking, Walker Edison, Whirlpool, Zline etc.

It claims that all its products are brand new and come from trusted brands. There are no refurbished products on the Randalls Bean online shopping platform.

However, the company does not return products after opening, and its products are not covered by the extended warranty.

Additionally, the site displays products that are no longer available on any trusted online platforms.

Therefore, it is best to read Randalls Bean Mybigcommerce reviews before you deal with them.