The Kaun Banega Crorepati TV show has emerged as one of the most long-lasting shows on Indian Television. This Season Rana Pratap Singh is the manager of the KBC lottery. It’s because of the simple Q&A format and the outstanding hosting abilities of Shri Amitabh Bachchan. The KBC lucky draw 2023 has managed to win over our hearts and continues to do so even now. But as we enter its 14th season, Rana Pratap Singh brings great news for all KBC fans. It comes in the form of the KBC Lottery Show 2023.

KBC Lucky Draw 2023

You have to be highly cautious when you get calls from unknown numbers. Never share your personal information with them. They will ask you for a big amount of money. Never trust those fake phone calls. To clear your queries, you must contact the KBC lottery 2023 manager Rana Pratap Singh using the above numbers. Those frauds have the intention to steal your money by deceiving you. Save yourself from becoming a victim of those frauds. Your financial details are always secret data, and you do not share them with anyone. While you have received any calls, you have to communicate with the KBC representatives or KBC lottery manager Rana Pratap Singh. They will understand your queries and solve your problems. In most cases, the unknown calls are from Pakistani numbers and other international numbers. The anonymous person over the phone call can ask you to visit a website. Never click on those unauthentic websites, as you have a chance to lost your sensitive data. Our guide has helped you to know about the KBC lottery manager’s contact details or call Rana Pratap Singh Contact Number. As a contestant, you play an important role in saving your personal details and financial information. Rana Pratap Singh’s fans can now wait for the upcoming lottery seasons.

Rana Pratap Singh as the Manager of the KBC lottery

In 2022, KBC will introduce the 14th season of the lottery, and Rana Pratap Singh will be the manager of that KBC lottery. The KBC will choose the lottery winner and update the list of KBC lottery winners 2022. Every day you can find the list of more than 100 KBC lottery winners 2022. You may also check out the updated list of KBC lottery winners 2022. The winners’ names and other details are published on our Official KBC Website 2023.  So,  KBC lottery winners can easily check out their names on the list. However, you can find a group of frauds to spread different rumors through phone calls and messages. They misguide the contestants about winning the KBC lottery. They claim that they are real and you have to give them an amount of money to receive the winning prize. You must not rely on those fraudsters. These fraudsters have the target of taking away money with fake calls. Keep away from those frauds people. KBC has offered Rana Pratap Singh a chance to host and manage the KBC Lottery Show providing all fans to take part in it. As terms of the KBC Lottery show, all SIM card holders are considered Lottery holders. A handful of these lottery holders get the chance to win the KBC Lottery. The prize money against this lottery is INR 25 Lakhs, which the winner of the lottery takes home.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC Whatsapp Contact Numbers

Phone numbers that are helpful to save yourself from frauds We have listed Rana Pratap Singh KBC Manager’ contact numbers

Dialing Number 0019188444474

WhatsApp Number 0019188444474

Rana Pratap Singh Contact Number 0019188444474

R.P. Singh’s Personal Number 0019188194888

Another helpline number 0019188194888

Rana Pratap Singh KBC WhatsApp Number 0019188194888

So, you may contact the lottery manager, Rana Pratap Singh, by using these numbers. You can choose his WhatsApp number to learn something about the KBC lottery. The lottery manager Rana Pratap Singh and his team may also provide you with useful data and tips. You will find them much helpful in the future. To get the best help, you may make a phone call to the head office number. The KBC authority is also ready to manage your issues when some frauds have called you. This information is important, as you are going to get ready for the 14th KBC lottery season.