Raj Kundra, born on September 9, 1975, in London, is more than just a familiar face often seen alongside Bollywood celebrities.Kundra is an ambitious businessman with an empire spanning multiple industries and countries, estimated at about $400 Million. His story is one of ambition, business acumen, and living his life publicly – an intriguing narrative to unfold!

Who is Raj Kundra?

Raj Kundra is an award-winning British-Indian businessman known for his ventures spanning various sectors in both England and India. Born in London, Kundra has made himself known as an authority in various business areas; particularly within sports media. At the age of 48, Kundra is the mind and force behind numerous successful ventures and brands.

How Did He Amass His Fortune?

Raj’s impressive net worth of close to $400 million did not happen overnight. He has been at the helm of multiple businesses, some of which include Essential Sports and Media, Iconic Investments, Satyug Gold, Super Fight League, Bastian Hospitality, and Jaldi Live. Each of these ventures has contributed to his prosperous financial status, making him one of the prominent businessmen in the industry.

Where Does Raj Kundra Reside?

Kundra’s luxurious abode is situated in the posh locality of Juhu, Mumbai. Named ‘Kinara,’ this seaside mansion isn’t just a regular home. It’s been built in adherence to the principles of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, ensuring a harmonious balance of energies. Located adjacent to the iconic Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple, Kundra’s home reflects his penchant for luxury combined with traditional values.

How Did Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty Meet?

Behind the successful businessman is his equally famous wife, Bollywood actress and model, Shilpa Shetty. The duo’s romantic tale began during a business collaboration. Raj was in the process of promoting Shilpa’s perfume collection when their paths crossed. What started as a professional relationship soon blossomed into love, leading to their eventual marriage.

What About Raj Kundra’s Family Life?

Family is a significant part of Raj’s life. Together with Shilpa, they have two children – Viaan Raj and Samisha. But Raj’s responsibility as a father began earlier. He has a daughter named Deleena from his previous marriage with Kavita. Despite the challenges that often come with blended families, Raj maintains a close bond with all his children, emphasizing the importance of family unity.

What Sets Raj Kundra Apart from Other Businessmen?

While his vast wealth and varied business ventures are impressive, it’s Kundra’s ability to diversify and innovate that truly sets him apart. Whether it’s venturing into the gold industry with Satyug Gold or tapping into the hospitality sector with Bastian Hospitality, Raj has a knack for identifying business opportunities in diverse sectors and turning them into successful ventures.

Raj Kundra is not just a businessman; he’s a testament to what can be achieved with determination, vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit. From his early days in London to creating a multi-million dollar empire, Raj’s journey is inspiring. With his feet firmly rooted in family values and an eye always on the next business opportunity, Raj Kundra’s story is a blend of personal fulfillment and professional success.