If you are trying to find out if Ragecup is a scam or a legitimate website to compete with your friends, check out my new video about it!

Let’s talk about the Ragecup Net website and the messages people get on Steam.

So the thing is, someone is trying to mislead people by inviting them to participate in some kind of fake voting! People get messages from their friends on Steam with a link to the Ragecup website!

You should know that this website does not seem safe, because even the antivirus says it is a phishing scam.

Your password could be stolen, if you type it on the Ragecup website, so if someone is writing about it, it is probably because your friend’s Steam account was hacked. You should tell your friend!

Write in the comments if you also received a message on Steam with a suspicious link to Ragecup or another website.

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