The recent news of an unprecedented cyber attack on the U.S. federal government is a reminder of how diligent both the government and private sector have to be in staying ahead of increasingly daring cyber hackers and thieves.

It is clear the need for protection against hackers has increased dramatically in recent years as the sophistication of information theft has reached new levels. One novel method of information theft by cyber thieves is by using optical or electronic devices to penetrate office windows in high security government and commercial buildings.

Specifically, the hackers are stealing secure and classified information from cell phones and computer screens through transparent window glass. Such theft can have catastrophic results if sensitive and high-security information gets in the wrong hands. The economic and national security damage is almost immeasurable from such cyber theft.

As a result, window film manufacturers have recently developed a new security film, called Radio Frequency Shielding Window Films. These films, known as RF films, are installed on the interior of glass windows in office buildings in areas of high security and where vital information is at risk of being compromised.

The film is comprised of specialized properties that block any and all optical and electronic devices, thus thwarting any attempt by cyber hackers to steal sensitive information from government or the private sector.

When seeking out installers of RF films it is best to make sure the company has the right expertise and experience as the product is relatively new and the number of experienced installers comprise a short list.

Commercial Window Shield if one of the country’s most experienced installers of RF window film. In particular, the company has a close working relationship with many architects, general contractors, building owners and building management companies.

The company, most known for its installation of security and solar control window films, has developed a particular expertise in the installation of RF window films. Government agencies and corporations are now considering having RF film installed in certain high-security offices while also having security film installed to keep windows in place during catastrophic events and solar control film for sun control and energy savings.

Commercial Window Shield’s years of experience in installing a variety of window films in large office buildings, has the ability to develop a practical RF films installation schedule so as not to disrupt the office environment. This usually means installing the RF film on office glass windows in the evening or at night.

Once you have RF film installed on the windows of offices you want to be secured will be able to have complete confidence hackers will not be able to steal information from cell phones or computer or tablet screens.