In the year 2018, one avenue that was named after a street in Paris was named in honor of Claude in the form of Allee Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore to celebrate the admiration of two famous artists. Do you know the renowned artwork of Claude is on display in the Museum of Modern Art in NY and at the SF Museum of Modern Art?

If you’re living in Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Greece It would be fascinating to learn about quotes from of Claude Cahun.

Who is Claude Cahun?

Her birth name is Lucy Schwob. She was born on the 25th October 1894, in a well-known Jewish family. The name she adopted was Claude Cahun when she was 18 years old. Lucy chose the name since Claude is a term used to describe males (or) females in French.

The art of the web:

Claude was a gifted Surrealist. Her work in Avant art has not received recognition until now. It is believed that her French art was far beyond imagination, and an artist is able to comprehend the subconscious mind that is involved in the creation of the work. It is in line with the quotes of by Claude Cahun Reality disguised as symbols are, to me, new reality that is infinitely better. I try to believe them on their word. To comprehend, take the sequence of images for their literal interpretation.

Her Partner:

Claude on one of her quotes stated that she was ‘Masculine? Feminine? It is contingent on the circumstances. The neutral kind of gender that I am comfortable with. Along with her lover Marcel Moore, Claude created admirable writings, novels, and sculptures, and a statement that reads: If I experience vibrations that are different to yours, then you must accept that my body is not able to sense.

Famous photo and quotes The famous Claude Cahun:

The work of Claude was unique and reflected her unique style. Most of her images were self-portraits. The photo of”What do you need from me? She was shaved on her head and two faces as if they were arguing.

Her artwork was bold and original and many of her works were featured in Aveux Non-Avenus (1930). The quote, ‘I’ll never finish removing all of these faces’ was popularly known as ‘Under this mask’. there is a different mask.’

During the conflict:

Individualism? Narcissism? Yes, of course. It’s my powerful success, the only planned stability I’m capable of. In addition, I am promiscuously and I squander myself too often for that. This is one of the the quotes by of Claude Cahun. In earth conflict II Claude along with Marcel went into Jersey Island and worked on anti-Nazi propaganda. She once stated that if there’s terror, it’s for those who do not speak up about the coming conflict. If there is hatred it’s not for nations, but rather for negative traits. When there’s love it’s because it is what keeps me alive.’


The two Claude as well as Marcel were courageous activists who expressed their ideas through art. Both are LGBTQ icons, and this has become a significant aspect of the current debates about freedom and gender. Following their demise, Quotes Claude Cahun were considered to be merely observational, difficult to follow, unnoticeable and almost lost.

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