The global covid pandemic is rare. But, people have faced so many difficulties since last year. It took almost one year to develop the Covid Vaccine. The vaccine can cause side effects in some people. These side effects usually disappear within 48 hours. Influencers from the United States or Canada have experienced adverse reactions due to vaccination. For her treatment, she also set up a GoFundMe fundraising page. You will learn in this article whether this fake is true or false.

What is

Dominique De Silva (@queencitydom) is the influencer behind She received her first dose from Pfizer COVID-19 on March 18th, 2021. It was a reason she felt unwell while eating brunch with her family. However, she quickly recovered and settled herself. Two weeks later, she fell ill again. She noticed a severe pain in her legs. She was unable to walk and had problems with her balance. She saw several doctors, but was not able get any use. Doctors have not been able to provide an exact answer. She also posted her story on Queen City Dom’s Instaaccount, and GoFundMe page

She tried hard to find the answer, but in the end she met people from other countries, such as America, who were also struggling. In order to increase awareness, she started a blog. was the result.


De Silva develops various symptoms after receiving the vaccine for two weeks. These symptoms are not due to the vaccine. However, doctors have said that the vaccine is unlikely to cause such reactions. De Silva claims that she has had adverse reactions to the covid vaccine. Is it? Real Or Fake?

Paralysis and tremors were also common in her case. We discovered videos of her struggling with walking and shaking in a hospital bed during our research. She voice-over that video and said that she will never remain silent about her condition. According to GoFundMe she had been struggling with other symptoms two weeks after receiving her vaccine.

Most side effects of the vaccine are apparent within 48 hours. She discovered these symptoms two weeks later. There might be some doubt about these symptoms.

Public Reaction on Queen City Dom Tok

Because she is a social media influencer she has gained huge popularity. She got a tremendous response and has raised over ten thousand dollars. On March 18, she was vaccinated. After struggling with the adverse symptoms, she shared her story on July 17th. Her adverse symptoms might not be obvious. Her social media accounts included tiktok, which received a lot of attention. Many believe that these symptoms are not related to the covid shot.

Final Verdict:

Contrary to what we think, Fake can be said that she may have struggled with her symptoms. However, these symptoms might not be caused by the covid vaccine. Side effects from the vaccine typically occur within 48-hours. Doctors explained that side effects of the vaccine are not related to vaccination.

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