This article examines the genesis of the controversy among Suns and Dallas that resulted in the it being a Put You in Front Row trolling.

Did you know that trolls are which are featured on social media, particularly on Twitter? Are you ethically and professionally acceptable to use the fact that you lost and won during the NBA playoffs as a way to smear one on social media that is that affects the mind of many? What might be the consequences of such trolls from respected and professional internet users across America? The United States?

Let’s discuss the current trend of It’s a Shit-show Put You in Front Rowtroll.

About the Trolling:

The suns fell to Dallas with a huge lead in the NBA playoffs beginning on Monday. According to multiple information sources Lil Wayne, a popular rapper and fan of the Suns was targeted by the owner of the Dallas Mavericks on Twitter with Wayne’s lyrics , ‘It’s a Shit Show, I’ll Put You in front Row.’

About Wayne:

Lil Wayne, originally known as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is a well-known artist, songwriter as well as record executive and rapper. His famed works are linked to Hip Hop genres.

Wayne is not only in the spotlight because he is an Republican and also because of it being a show that Place You In Front Row trolls. Wayne is known by numerous names, such as Tunechi, Weezy F, and many more. The latest troll posted by Mark Cuban on Twitter included some of Wayne’s names such as Weezy F and LilTunechi.

Wayne is a good friend of Christopher Paul. Paul(CP3). Wayne was a spectator during Game-4. Wayne heard a heated exchange among Monty and Ayton and Ayton, who both told Ayton, “You fricking, stop blaming us. The two were discussing Game 4.

Suns performance:

In the Game-4 during the month of May Chris has drawn 4 violations, and during the game, Luka Doncic had slipped after being pushed by Chris. The fouls allowed Dallas to win against the Suns.

What is HTML0? It’s A Shit Show. in Front Row Trolls:

CP3 is considered to be the best point guard in the history of The Phoenix Suns. Since Game 4 was played, the appearance of Wayne to help the Suns as well as his buddy Chris was a concern for Cuban.

In Game 7, Luka is able to lead Dallas to victory against the Suns. Mark Cuban commented on the post “luka ho” to point out Wayne who was on the first row of Game 7 of the NBA playoff. According to multiple sources, the Twitter troll of Mark Cuban was hashtagged #MFFL is a reference to the Dallas Mavericks team and with the title ‘It’s a Show’. Show, Get You front Row.’

Twitter Trolls:

The fans of Mark Cuban retweeted Its a Shit Show , Put You in the in Front Row the troll at more than 15600 times in total among Twitter users. More than 93,000 individuals liking the trolling as well as 766 commenters. The majority of comments were made fun of Wayne.

Note that all the information are presented as a matter of fact We are not blaming any person.