In this era, people are switching to digital platforms for their necessary actions. Z library The pandemic 2020 has changed the approaches towards community gathering, including schools and institutions. Fortunately, there are numerous mediums due to which education and learning could not be at stake. Education online has become a new normal, and almost every individual has turned towards online learning. Even though the situation from the COVID-19 outbreak becomes better, the world would still be open to various other diseases, viruses, or other factors.

Numerous E-learning websites are specially issued for educational purposes in the market for both android and iOS devices. The time has gone when cell phones or tablets are considered a distraction but now, with so many accessible applications, these devices have become a boon. We have presented the list of best Apps for learning available for every device.

Byju’s Learning App

Byju’s is India’s largest learning program that not only includes school-going student but also accommodates preparation of popular competitive exams. The application is a blend of comprehensive video lessons and individualized learning. Byju’s is specially designed to help and initiate students to practice, learn and understand real-time and in-depth concepts. It highlights online classes, live doubt sessions, individual monitoring for students to learn well. 

It offers assistance with state-level exams, CBSE, ICSC, UPSC, Bank PO, IAS, and many more competitive exams. Although courses are not free, they do provide a free trial option and scholarship program for class 4-12 students.

Vedantu Live Learning App

Vedantu provides free live learning classes with premium content and NCERT solutions. Vedantu offers India’s leading teachers from the comfort of your home and currently offers free live classes to students. It has refined online education in these challenging times and targets to deliver students with world-class education without any interruption.

Besides the live lessons, Vedantu also offers recorded lectures, tests, course material, and in-doubt sessions. Apart from classes, there are various programs like Turbo Maths, Photography, Rocket Pro, coding, grammar, etc.

Udemy- Online Courses

Udemy is an online learning platform featuring video courses from expert instructors. A variety of courses are available, from java or python to design, writing or yoga. Millions of learners have joined this platform in order to master new skills and exploring new dimensions. Both free and paid courses are available for learners on business, IT, development, AI programming languages, software, personal development, lifestyle, health and fitness, photography, music, and a lot more. 

Over 2,000 topics, including scientific to artistic, Udemy continuously refreshes the courses for the learners. Be inspired by more than 57,000 professional instructors training in 65+ different languages. Just download the course and learn online.

Unacademy The Learning App

In comparison with other applications, unacademy is a bit dedicated to comparative exams. Unacademy is also among India’s largest platforms and learners’ companions through a journey full of competitive tests. On unacademy learning app, you could attend classes by top educators, doubt clearing sessions, live test series, quizzes, practice sessions, and considerably more.

It includes live videos, sessions from experienced teachers for exams such as UPSC, SSC, CSE, IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, banking exams, CDS, NDA, air force, and many more. A special feature provides users with the liberty to download the lecture notes and revisit important topics through recorded sessions.


Build skills with your courses, certification, and online degree through Coursera from famous campuses and corporations through Coursera. The application proposes a variety of courses in different genres, from science and technology stuff to communicational and cultural matters. Start streaming on-demand video courses from top instructors and find flexible, affordable options.

Through Coursera, master the abilities with in-depth understanding, apply for quizzes and hand-on projects, and get feedback from global personalities. Earn industrial recognition by demonstrating you earned skill with the professional certificate.  Join the community of over 77 million people to take a step towards personal and professional growth.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is a free learning application aiming to build and grow conceptual learning within an individual. It is a popular online source of learning for students that usually target the subjects that other websites don’t focus on too much. It comprises a complete library of videos, solutions, and explanations by teachers through a virtual blackboard. Quizzes, unit tests, and in-application homework are enough for skills entrapment within the willing learners.

The app retrieves over 10,000 videos along with various new concepts to brush up on the skills and knowledge. Khan academy is a great app and completely free to use for genuine students without any hidden cost. Including preparation for CAT, MCAT, IIT JEE, GMAT, and significantly more exams are accessible without any subscription within the application.