Today, we’ll expose an online store which claims to provide fashion items and related items like t-shirts, shoes posters, and more. Additionally, the site has been registered within the United States with the intention of capturing the attention of a global market.

If you’re thinking of shopping on this website, be sure to take a look at these Qmaketools reviews to discover the true motives behind the site.

What’s Qmaketools Com?

Qmaketools com is an ecommerce platform which claims to sell fashionable products that are related to fashion, home decor and wear, among others. As of today the site has information on only two items available on the site that you can purchase at a significant discount. The website states that the winter boots are manufactured using top-quality materials and will ensure proper posture to ensure the best quality and comfort.

In addition, the site’s interface doesn’t look appealing and appears to be more like the fraudulent websites. Therefore, we can’t say anything regarding the legitimacy of Qmaketools com. Qmaketools com a legitimatet. If you’re looking to eliminate all doubts and confusion read this blog article.

The terms and conditions for Qmaketools Com

  • Website URL-
  • Items offered – items like t-shirts, shoes
  • Customer care number- 1-833-933-1816
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Address of the company: The address for warehouse address or customer service address of the warehouse is at 2900 Shadeland Ave Suite B1, IN 46219.
  • Domain creation date-18/12/2021
  • Policy on exchange and return of product within 15 days of the date of delivery
  • Refund policy: Refund policy not applicable
  • Payment method: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER, and PayPal
  • Social media links- available
  • Newsletter-not mentioned
  • Estimated cost of shipping- shipping fee is not available
  • Delivery timeframe 5-10 business days

It is suggested to take a look at these Qmaketools reviews until the end of the day because it provides all details about the site.

Which are legitimate advantages of shopping at Qmaketools Do you have a reason to shop from

  • Customers can purchase winter boots at a discounted price.
  • The website offers delivery to many countries including those in the United States.
  • Customers can return their purchase within 15 days of delivery.
  • The details regarding the company’s address email, contact number, and address is on the site.
  • Customers have also left positive reviews on the product description.
  • The site is SSL secured, which means that information about the buyer is safe on the website.

Are there unjust benefits of shopping from Qmaketools Com?

  • There aren’t any customer reviews available on the internet.
  • The site has earned an unsatisfactory trust score and rank.
  • The site’s interface is poorly designed, and a lot of scam websites share the same view.

Is Qmaketools com Legit?

The website’s interface doesn’t look appealing, as well as it fails the ability to provide evidence to prove the legitimacy of the website. In the present, many scam websites are operating online to serve their fraud motivations.

In addition, in this section we have provided all the details about the site which will assist users in making informed choices.

Please pay particular attention to these points:

  • Social Media-The accessible Facebook icon is not an appropriate link because it doesn’t direct you to the specific platform.
  • Domain termination date: The deadline for completing the website is not enough since it expires on the 18th of December 2022.
  • Reviews from customers- Positive Qmaketools reviews are are published on the site However, there’s not a review that is not that are published on the internet.
  • Domain registration date: The domain is just 20days old as it was created on 18/12/2021.
  • Trust score- We are extremely disappointed by the site’s trust rating, as it was 0.9/100.
  • Alexa rank – The Alexa rank results aren’t accessible.
  • Trust score- It has received an unsatisfactory score of 1/10.
  • Images copied from other sources and the content are completely copied.

Users” Qmaketools Reviews

The good news is that customers have posted their experiences on the official site under the description of the product. However, we haven’t received any feedback from the popular review pages on the site and the services it provides.


At the final point, this site appears to be extremely suspicious due to a variety of reasons. In addition, users are advised not to place orders for products that are published like winter boots as the website is flagged as red-flagged on these Qmaketools reviews.