Are you in search of internet access for free? Are you aware that Q Link gives free Internet to those who need it? Do you want to know the steps to enable Qlink? If so, you should check out the article.

Q Link is a cell service provider that is funded through the Federal government and users in the United States want to know how to activate it. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the activate procedure.

More About Link Wireless Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is a mobile phone service provider in the US that is backed by federal government funding. By way of Q Link’s Lifeline programme, Q Link provides Free wireless service to millions of Americans each month. Additionally, the government is the official funder of Q Link’s Lifeline program.

With Q Link’s Lifeline programme, Q Link provides eligible Americans Free unlimited call, data and text balance. To ensure that citizens remain connected and improve their lives through the Internet in this fast-paced world. Furthermore the Emergency Broadband Benefit initiative is giving tablets for free to those who qualify for a short duration.

More Information Qlinkwireless com . Activate Method.

Follow the instructions below to enable your Q Link Wireless Lifeline sim card:

  • Insert the SIM

After opening the Sim Card Kit box, customers will get everything they need to connect their new SIM card.

In the next step, users must locate their sim tray, which is situated close to the top or side screen of your phone. If the phone doesn’t come with a sim card tray and the slot for sim cards is located under the handset’s cover on the back.

There is a tool for sim ejector included within the Sim Card Kit box, utilize it to eliminate the sim currently in use and add the new cards to Qlinkwireless com Activate. Qlinkwireless com activate procedure.

Customers must choose the right size sim card to fit into their phone’s sim slot/card tray. After that you can insert your Q Link Wireless Lifeline sim card into the slot and switch to the phone.

  • Reset Current Network

Simply inserting the SIM won’t activate the SIM. Users must reset the settings on their phone’s network.

If you are using Android phones, Android users need to first launch the Settings app, then navigate into Network Settings. Under the tab for network settings there will be the Network Reset or Reset Network option. Select the option and then proceed what is asked.

The iPhone users must follow different steps to reset their network in order for the Qlinkwireless com activate procedure. First, they must go to the General tab within the Settings app. After that, they must move down until they reach the option to reset, and choose Network Reset Settings. Then, they must verify their login and enter the password.

It’s done Users can now get unlimited data at no cost as well as messages to connect with the world.


The Internet is the modern day necessity particularly after the growth of online education. Q Link Wireless and the federal government are doing an excellent job in helping users connect with the world.