Are you trying to increase the traffic to your site? Do you want to stabilize revenue by using push notifications

Pushtimize, one of the most popular networks for messaging popup advertising in Vietnam as well as Indonesia, is one. An announcement can be made in public pop-up windows during different phases of this website. To help bring in the money, Puttimize is open to you to adjust your promotion settings. To learn more about the website, and its services, see the guide below.

Information about Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

Pushtimize is a well-known Vietnamese company. It employs pioneers and Vietnamese workers. It boasts the best Vietnamese public assistance and distributor staff. Push Notifications are a way to tailor traffic. The adaptive model you choose is easy to setup and manage using overall measures, such as Revenue Share or Price Per Sub.

Is Pushtimize true?

Skype and Facebook are the only social media sites that this website is currently active. Let’s look into its validity.

  • Register: NAMECHEAP IN
  • Website registration. It was registered on 2019-04-04. It’s been more than 2 years since it was first registered.
  • Trust Index. A trusted website has an average trust score (76%). This means that they may be trustworthy.
  • Incomplete information : It provided nearly all of the necessary information such as email addresses, team members and payment methods.
  • Data Security Https Protocol is detected. It seems safe for data sharing. is a simple website that relies on these facts.

Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

For any questions, they offer 100% Vietnamese support. They pay weekly every Friday. Although there are not many ad options, the system recognizes most site themes and accepts them. A paste must be placed on the header to allow for ads and promotional labeling tags to be added.

Pushtimize provides promotional graphics as well as ads. One is a popup membership notice, or notification, that appears directly on the website. Pushtimize allows you to choose between one-time revenue sharing and lifetime commission. Pushtimize offers a lifetime commission up to 3%. Referring someone to Pushtimize can get you a referral fee of 3%

Pushtimize insights is a quick and continuously updated tool that displays data about visitors to your site. It shows views as well as the potential amount of purchases. Pushtimize provides real-time metrics.

Reviews of Pushtimize Nguyenvanbao

We did not find any reviews for this website. Pushtimize Vanbao has offered some of its publisher and advertiser partner.


Pushtimize, is an excellent advertising agency that allows you to fully utilize AdSense and in-page push ads. We will be discussing their services and features in more detail later.