The minimal jewelry trend is here to stay for a long time and as a fashion enthusiast, it’s time to up your game with the best jewelry pieces from OD’s Jewellers. Minimalism defines class and elegance at its best.

The most amazing thing about this growing trend is that you can rock it with any outfit you want. From beautiful diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles to bracelets, minimalistic jewelry is certainly creating ripples. 

Minimalism in jewelry is all about the basics, but without compromising style. These jewelry pieces offer clean lines, less drama, less color, and more of your style. They are a discreet way to bring out your own style and showcase it to the world.

Nowadays, it is easy to buy them. You can even get them customized as per your taste. The platforms like Menashe Jewelers help you customize the jewelry in the way you want. 

Pulling off the minimalist jewelry pieces is no rocket science. Keep the below-listed tips in mind, and you are all set to look ultra-glamorous. 

Stack it Up 

If you want to give some definition to your simple look, why not stack your modest jewelry and style it with your favorite outfits? The easiest way that works in your favor is stacking rings. 

All you need to do is use all the delicate rings from your collection and distribute them to your fingers. These rings will go well with any outfit. And we promise you will not look tacky. 

Try a Statement Piece 

You can pull off a gorgeous look with minimalist jewelry. All you need to do is identify a statement piece and build your own style around it. Many women ruin their minimal look by wearing many statement pieces together. 

Instead of pairing all the pieces together, keep it simple by using only one statement piece. For instance, when you wear a layered neckpiece, you do not have to wear matching earrings with it. 

Avoid Matching your Jewelry with Outfit 

It is one of the essential jewelry styling tips to abide by. Never match the color of your jewelry with the color of your outfit. You will end up becoming a fashion disaster. 

You can contrast the jewelry pieces with the color of your outfit. And if you do not like experimenting with colors, the best way to style your jewelry is to keep everything basic. Simply pull out your favorite silver or diamond jewelry and wear them with any outfit of any color. 

Cuff Bracelets Are In 

Cuff bracelets are the most common minimalist style that many fashion enthusiasts prefer. You can also add it to your look-book and experiment with an edgy look. Cuff bracelets are simple, chic, and modern. 

Whether it is your office look or any casual dinner date, you can pair a cuff bracelet with any outfit and pull it off glamorously. 

Keep Stud Earrings Handy 

Jewelry trends will come and go, but nothing will replace stud earrings. This jewelry piece creates a classic statement for itself. Stud earrings are comfortable, chic, and glamorous. Like other minimalistic jewelry, they go well with all kinds of outfits. 

Stud earrings do not detract from other jewelry pieces, thus giving a seamless flow to your look. They are a great choice for your everyday look. 

Try Elongated Jewelry With Clean Lines 

It is good to experiment with elongated jewelry with clean lines. They make a perfect style statement for your summer outfits, thus lending a playful touch to your minimalistic look. 

The clean lines element will make the elongated jewelry look extremely stylish. 


The above-listed jewelry styling tips are easy to carry, no matter your fashion sense. Buy your favorite pair of minimalistic jewelry and try these looks now.